Choosing a portable vaporizer over one the desktop varieties might ruffle some feathers, yet in my honest opinion the portable vaporizers outshine the desktop types for a number of reasons. The portable vaporizer provides quality and convenience at affordable prices, why would you want to choose anything else? Sure, it is always fun to own one of the more powerful units, to use with friends or work with, along with achieving massive vapor clouds. Yet for me personally, this is not what I am looking for in a vaporizer, and it may be just the same when it comes to you.   

Here we have listed 10 of the top portable vaporizers currently on the market. Everyone provides something slightly unique. Whether you prefer to vape discreetly, or you are often out in public then I recommend any of the vaporizers listed below.


  1. Mighty Vaporizer

From the company known as Storz & Bickel, the legend creators of the Volcano, comes another device to their product range known as the Mighty Vaporizer. With its robust handheld-design, you will find it a difficult task to find another vaporizer that has this level of power. One of the drawbacks to the Mighty is that it may not be compact like the DaVinci IQ, yet it is still very portable, you just won’t be able to store it in your pocket. However, it is long lasting and very easy-to-use. When charged fully the battery is able to last for as much as 90 minutes with continuous use.  


  1. Pax 3 Vaporizer

 The PAX3 is the ideal vape for people that enjoy compact devices. This is the type of vaporizer that will fit easily into a bag, pocket or even in your palm. It is stylish, sleek and more importantly it is subtle. And you don’t need to worry about the portability effecting the power. Inside this device is an anodized aluminum-body that comes with a high-tech heating system that easily handles concentrates and dry herbs. The LEDs on the body display which of the settings on the vaporizer are active. The best part is you can take it with you anywhere as it is no larger than the standard smart phone. If you prefer traveling light, then this PAX is definitely for you.  


  1. Crafty Vaporizer

 With out a doubt the Crafty is rated as an all-round superior portable vaporizer. This device is ideal for both beginners and advanced vapers as it only features a single button, while everything else you will control through an app. The Crafty is convection-heated and features 2 temperature settings, 1 boost setting and 1 default setting. The chamber is very simple to load, which means you do not need to fiddle around much in order to achieve the vape amount that you prefer. The one drawback would be its battery life, yet because it charges through USB it is very easy to charge where ever you go.  


  1. Arizer Go ‘ArGo’ Vaporizer

 Released this year by Arizer, the ArGo is one of the pocket-friendly vapes that is extremely powerful. As their name suggests, this device was created for people that are always on the go. This is the reason that it comes with removable batteries, which helps you to keep your vaporizer charged and ready for use a lot longer than the standard vaporizers. The ArGo design is cool, with 3 buttons featured on the vaporizer’s body and the OLED display that displays the battery-level and the temperature. The ArGo also comes with a glass stem that is removable to keep the vapor crisp and pure.  


  1. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

This brand has become one of the staples in the last couple of years when it comes to portable vaporizers. The 3rd model that DaVinci has produced makes use of a conduction-heating method and is extremely lightweight. The IQ, in fact only weighs in at 145 grams, and even though it is so light it does not feel cheap. The DaVinci IQ is made out of durable materials that would probably not be bothered by one or two drops (not that I am suggesting that you test this theory). There was no skimping when it comes to the materials on the IQ. The mouthguard happens to be made out of ceramic zirconia that is very simple to maintain to achieve the best tasting vapor.  

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  1. DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer  

The newest addition to the family of DaVinci’s has definitely not wasted anytime in making it to the top of the many people’s “most wanted” lists. The IQ is still popular, and we still think it’s a great device, but this one comes with a few improvements to the overall design. One of these improvements includes portability. The Miqro is around 33% smaller when compared to the IQ and is a great deal lighter. If you prefer to take your vaporizer on a night out or when you are hiking, this might be your best option. Similar to the DaVinci IQ you get the 3 smart-path options to increase the temperature during your sessions. It is easy-to-load and comes with replaceable batteries along with a 5-year warranty.  


  1. Firefly 2 Vaporizer

With a subtle and bright design, it has similarities to the original, the Firefly 2 is the ideal device for outdoor use. The battery life is powerful, which means you can achieve vapor that tastes great throughout the night regardless of whether you prefer to vape concentrates or herbs. The vapor path is made from borosilicate glass which naturally attracts the veteran vapers that know about harsh realities associated with tainted vapor. There is nothing to worry about here with a Firefly 2. Over and above the outstanding design, is the Bluetooth app that offers you with increased control over every vaping experience.  These are hard to get hold of now so if you can get one, hold on to it!


  1. Grasshopper Vaporizer  

The vape pens are not everyone’s favorite, but if you are looking for something that is ultra-portable and lightweight, then the Grasshopper is an excellent choice. This device looks like a standard pen, but comes with a fast heat-up time, replaceable batteries and operates on a convection-based heating system. The silicone mouthguard is ideal for those longer sessions which may cause the unit to overheat slightly. While not the best choice to share with large groups of friends, it is ideal if you are only sharing with 1 or 2 friends.  


  1. Boundless CFX

This device might not be the most compact portable vaporizer, but the shape ensures it fits into your hand snugly or into your pocket. The larger size makes it feel better if you want to share with friends due to the larger bowl. The efficient heat-up time also contributes to why the CFX is featured on many top 10 lists. In as short as 20 seconds it is able to reach 204 Celsius, while the battery life offers an hour of continual use, which is fantastic by any standards.  


  1. Xmax Starry Vaporizer

If you are on a tight budget yet you still want to own a vaporizer that is awesome, the Xmax Starry is the ideal choice. This is the perfect device for those who are just starting out with vaping. Even though it is probably one of the most affordable options it still offers a great range of features. It is durable, lightweight along with a full-temperature spectrum. It also comes with replaceable batteries, which means you can keep this device for a long-time.

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