After both Washington and Colorado voted to end prohibition and enact policies of regulation and taxation,  it has recently come to my attention via this news article that both Maine and Rhode Island are announcing bills which also call for the legalization and taxation of marijuana.

Tomorrow, Rhode Island Representative Edith Ajello and the Maine Rep. Diane Russell will hold a conference call tomorrow with the Marijuana Policy Project to announce the new legislation.  The MPP has also stated that “similar proposals will be submitted in at least two other states — Vermont and Massachusetts.”

Changing Attitudes?

This is great news, and I feel that it is symbolic of the changing attitudes regarding the current war on drugs (which has been an abject failure by all measures), and the desire to create new jobs and sources of revenue for local governments.


Personally, I feel that this is a great step forward and I hope that the federal government recognizes the will of the people and moves to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule I substances. I feel that regulation is best up to states and not the federal government itself. I hope that more people also discover the benefits of using a vaporizer rather than smoke cannabis!

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