Best Black Friday Vaporizer Deals

We have done a lot of the footwork for you and created a definitive guide of the best vape deals for the 2018 Black Friday seasons. We have compared the leading sites and got the prices on the leading vaporizers. We even have gotten the inside scoop on all of the upcoming deals to make it easy for you to find the perfect vape deal. With our guide, you will no longer have buyers remorse. You will be able to rest assured that you have gotten the best deal of the year.


Vaporizer POTV Nama-
Puffitup Sneaky Pete Best
Firefly 2 $329.00 $349.00 $329.90 $328.97 Best
Volcano Classic $383.20 $359.00 $479.00 N/A Best
Volcano Digital $479.20 $449.00 $599.00 $507.42 Best
Crafty $223.20 $209.00 $279.00 $237.97 Best
Ghost MV1 $295.00 N/A $295.00 N/A Best
Arizer Solo 2 $155.99 $139.00 $187.49 $155.98 Best
X MAX Starry $89.00 N/A $99.00 $118.97 Best
Davinci IQ $219.96 $205.00 $274.99 $232.02 Best
Davinci Micro $134.10 $111.00 $149.99 $127.27 Best
Mighty $279.20 $269.00 $349.00 $297.47 Best

Whether you are looking for the Davinci IQ, the Mighty vaporizer or a cheap desktop vape, we have the information that you need to find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the 2018 shopping season.

The Best Deals on Vaporizers Occurring on Black Friday

Most Black Friday deals will go live on Friday; however, there are several retailers that have already released their Black Friday deals, which means you can get a head start on other Black Friday shoppers. Let’s take a look at some of the best deals available this holiday season.

1.Firefly 2 Vaporizer

When the Firefly 2 Vaporizer was released no one took too much notice of it. It wasn’t until the sales of this vape really starting going before most of the vape scene around the world started to sit up and take notice. It is Firefly’s most compact and portable vaporizer. It fits right in your pocket, no squeezing and pushing it in. It weighs around 140 grams. This is because it is made from an extremely lightweight metal. It uses convection heating to allow you the extract the vapor.For the best experience your dry herb would usually have to be finely grinded.

The temperature of the vaporizer can go between 340°F at the lowest and then at the highest it can go to is 500°F.  The longer you hold the touch sensor the higher the temperature of the Firefly 2 Vaporizer will go. It might take some time for you to completely master this but it will definitely be worth it.

2.Volcano Vaporizer (Digital & Classic)

With each new release, Storz & Bickel continues impressing their customer.  However, it is the Volcano Vaporizers, their oldest invention that was released in 2000, is what they are the most famous for. To this day, the Volcano desktop vaporizer is still one of the most technologically advanced vaporizers that are available in today’s market. The Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic use the same patented technology and sleek cone structure. The amazing patented technology helps with expelling various harmful materials like toxins via a unique vaporizing process where the active ingredients released via vapor gets intensified by around 75%. One major difference between the Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic in addition to its price, in introducing a LED screen that is easy to used opposed to the dial system of the Classic. When it comes to vaporizers the Volcano is Godfather of all of them, and this Black Friday will be the ideal time to buy one.  Here are the reasons why:

For both complete novices and experienced vapers the Volcano Vaporizer is really easy to use. As soon as you turn it on, The LED screen lights up and that will provide you with all of the information that you need. When you click the red button the heating process is initiated. The arrow buttons that are on the front part of the device are used to adjust and regulate the vaping temperature. Once the Volcano heated up to your desired temperature, its shuts off the control light and informs you that it’s ready. The button is located in between the green air button and red heat button on the front part of the device. It is easy to fill the Volcano.  Just fill the chamber up and click it to the top part of the Volcano. Just attach the balloon and once the balloon is completely filled, then attach the mouthpiece and you’ll be ready to begin vaping.

You can use the Volcano Vaporizer for both concentrates and dry herbs.  It has a 0.75 gram storage capacity. When you use a convection heating system, it requires only around 3 minutes to get heated up to one of its pre-configured temperature levels. Those temperature ranges go from 40 degrees C to 230 degrees C.  

The stainless steel construction of the Volcano ensures that you can use it for many years into the future.  It has a great heating block that you can use for vaporizing dry herbs that are made from food-grade quality material. That means the vapor that you inhale is a lot healthier and safer for your lungs.  

3.Crafty Vaporizer

One of the most renowned brands of vaporizers on the market is Storz & Bickel. Their latest vaporizer is the Crafty Vaporizer. If you have been researching portable vaporizers or dry herb vaporizers, you are sure to have come across Storz & Bickel’s Crafty Vaporizer. This vaporizer is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market because:

CBD Village UK

The Crafty is User-Friendly – Although there are numerous vapes on the market, some of those models are difficult to use. The Crafty Vape is very easy to handle. It offers several easy to manage features and controls to help make your vaping process less confusing. Rather than having numerous controls and buttons, Storz & Bickel have designed the Crafty so that it is easier to use than other brands on the market.

The Crafty’s Temperature Controls Are Simple – The Crafty enables you to customize your temperature settings so you can create a personalized vaping experience based on your unique preferences. The Crafty Vaporizers comes with two preset temperature settings – 180 degrees Celsius and 195 degrees Celsius. The Storz and Bickel’s free mobile app allows you to customize your temperature settings.

Size – The Crafty is Storz and Bickel’s smallest vape and delivers a powerful vape. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for travel. Whether you are out with your friends or traveling the world, the Crafty Vaporizer is a compact and discreet vape that delivers an amazing vape comparable to a desktop vaporizer.

4.The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

If you are looking for a vape that delivers amazing vape quality along with on-demand heating, look no further than the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer this Black Friday. Unlike other similarly priced models, the Ghost does require a learning curve to learn how to maximize the vaping experience. Ghost provides amazing support should you have any questions or if any issue arises. The Ghost uses full convection heating, resulting in one of the best tasting vapors you have ever experienced. The Ghost MV1 is a premium vape that takes approximately 10 seconds to heat up. The interface of the Ghost is minimalist, which means that there is a steep learning curve in the beginning. Once you have figured out how the Ghost works, you will never consider another vape. The Ghost MV1 vape is one of the best on the market and worth the extra effort to learn how to use it because:

Vapor Quality – If you are looking for the best tasting vapor available in a portable vaporizer, look no further than the Ghost MV1 vape. The Ghost uses full convection heating to produce a consistent vapor that is not harsh or hot.

Smartphone App – The Ghost MV1 vape has its own smartphone app like other premium vapes on the market. The app is available on both Android and IOS devices. The app provides users with the control they need to create a personal vaping experience. The app also provides the option to extend your warranty, buy accessories and even lock the vaporizer unit should someone steal it.

5.Arizer Solo 2

If this Black Friday you are going to purchase an Arizer vaporizer you might be wondering which version is the best one for you. The pick of the group with Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching might be the Arizer Solo 2. It has a very fast 24 second heat-up times that makes it among the fastest portable vaporizers that are available in today’s market.  Here is why the Arizer Solo 2 that is ideal for on-the-go sessions:

 Hybrid heating is used by the Arizer Solo 2 means that is uses both conduction and convection methods. That helps to deliver some of the smoothest clouds and helps to prevent your herbs from cooking unless you are taking a draw, making them extremely efficient.  

The Arizer Solo 2’s battery life is an impressive 3 hours after it is fully charged.  That means you can enjoy as many as 20 sessions depending on the set temperature and the material you select.

Digital controls are used to operate the Arizer Solo 2.  That makes it an ideal choice for those who want a simple design. This device doesn’t have to be paired with your phone to change or select the desired temperature making it very easy and a great choice for those who aren’t concerned about smartphone apps.   

6.X MAX Starry Vaporizer

This Black Friday, are you going to be trying to get an X MAX Starry for yourself?  The XMAX Starry vaporizer is an excellent choice for anybody wanting to buy a portable vaporizer at a very good price. The XMAX Starry also comes equipped with a zirconia, magnetic mouthpiece, swappable battery, and full digital control. The Starry is very portable, just like you would expect a portable vaporizer to be, and it comes with features that you’ll have a difficult time finding in vaporizers that cost twice as much. Are you looking for a portable vaporizer that is affordable?  Here are the reasons why the X MAX Starry may be the right vaporizer for you:

The X MAX Starry creators have produced high quality affordable vaporizers for many years now. A standard ceramic conduction method is used by the Starry that both works and tastes good.  Unlike many other budget friendly vaporizers, those dry herbs that you love so much won’t ever touch anything other than stainless steel and ceramic.

This is simplicity at its very finest.  The controls on the Starry are very simplistic with thee different buttons for controlling the vape.  The session time, temperature, and On/Off along with its Celsius/Fahrenheit display. To start out with, just hold in the power button for around three seconds and then you are almost ready to begin vaping.   

The X MAX Starry is part of a competitive market with numerous vaporizers in the same price range.  However, despite all of the competition, the Starry really stands out in the crowded marketplace due to all of the features that are included.  The vape comes with features that you don’t even see in more expensive and popular vapes that cost almost double what the Starry does. When it comes to incredible value, the Starry is one of the best among them.  

 7.Davinci IQ Vaporizer

This is a dry herb vaporizer that has obviously been designed with the user’s needs in mind.  The IQ is made with high-quality materials, and the IQ Vaporizer, in no time flat, has taken the vaping community by storm. Vapers are very impressed everywhere for good reason with this portable vaporizer. The DaVinci IQ is a very small vaporizer that measures 2.4 cm in depth, 4.2 cm in height, and 9.0 cm in width, meaning it can comfortably fit in any pocket and it weighs 140 grams, which means that it practically weighs nothing. The body is made from brushed metal and features a subtle curvature that is both comfortable to hold and is aesthetically pleasing as well. It is made out of the most durable and finest materials. The 51 light, dotted, LED screen adds to the appeal of the device and provides you with all the information that you need to have. The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is available in four standard colors, along with one special edition color. This small device is a fashion accessory in addition to being a vaporizer.  It is time to think about purchasing the Davinci IQ vaporizer on Black Friday, for the following reasons:

The vaporizer was designed to vape dry herbs and has a 0.30 gram storage capacity. It come with 4 pre-configured temperature levels ranging from 120 degrees C up to 220 degrees C and the device just needs 16 seconds to warm up initially. The heating chamber is constructed out of ceramic zirconia and creates some of the best very tasting vapor.       

There is an app that goes with the Davinci IQ for your smartphone that you can control the whole vaporizer from and enables you to control your entire vaping session. With one touch of a button on the screen of your phone, you can turn your DaVinci IQ on. This app enables you to control the vape’s temperature settings and locate the ideal mode for you. The heat up time can easily set up to your preferred taste and select whether you would prefer having a slow-cooked or fast-cooked vape. The application gives you one of the more precise vaping experiences that you are likely to encounter.

The IQ vaporizer’s battery capacity lasts for around 90 minutes after charging for 2 hours. A standard USB charging cable is used to charge it that comes with the device when you buy it.  A replaceable battery also comes with the DaVinci IQ.

8.Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer

A significant niche within the vaporizer market has been established by the DaVinci IQ.  It has definitely proven to be among the best dry herb vaporizers that is available in the market.  The MIQRO has arrived, which is the miniature dry herb vaporizer version, which is smaller and more portable, using elements that have made the IQ so very well loved and then compacted them into a vape that is more discreet.  DaVinci has created an easy-going option for all of their customers whose main priority it discreteness. The Davinci MIQRO is the ideal choice for people who are seeking portability, performance, and discreteness, of course.  Here are the reasons why:

The DaVinci Smart Path feature comes with the MIQRO vaporizer which provides increased customization for each vape session. That means you get better and greater control over your vaping sessions. It is fairly simple; all you need to do is choose a 10 minute session and then during that time, the MIQRO gradually increases the temperature in 20°F/12°C intervals.  The following are the pre-set MIQRO Smart Paths:
Smart Path 1 (350 degrees F / 176 degrees C - 370 degrees F / 187 degrees C)

Smart Path 2 (370 degrees F/187 degrees C - 390 degrees F/199 degrees C)

Smart Path 3 (390 degrees F / 199 degrees C - 410 degrees F/ 210 degrees C)

Smart Path 4 (410 degrees F/210 degrees C - 430 degrees F/222 degrees C)

Ceramic Zirconium is a foundation element used for manufacturing the mouthpiece, air path, vapor path, and bowl of the vape. In turn this provides an uncontaminated and cool vapor.

9.Mighty Vaporizer

This Black Friday, will you be looking for the best portable vaporizer?  The Mighty vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is as near to perfection when it comes to the vapor that it makes. It may look like an old car part, but the Mighty vaporizer is actually a high-performance vaporizer unlike many of the competitor vapes. The Might features a very durable outer body, high-quality materials, great battery life, is a perfect choice for those who are searching for a portable and premium vaping experience. With significant price reductions on the Mighty expected to be offered this Friday it is time for you to think about buying one of the finest products from Germany, and here is the reason why:

When it comes to performance, The Mighty is in its own league.  The Mighty delivers vapor quality that is unmatched by the competition that are the same price. The Mighty is the ideal choice for vapers who are on-the-go.  

60 to 120 minutes of vaping can be delivered by the Mighty vaporizer on a full charge.  This about twice the capacity of the Crafty vaporizer, its portable sibling. Storz & Bickel take great pride in the materials that are used in their products. Medical grade materials are used to make the Mighty and it comes with many safety certifications as well.  

10.Site Black Friday SiteWide Deals

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