E-Liquid Harmony CBD Vape Oil

Today we will highlight some of the best-in-class CBD vape oil / e-liquids that I had a chance to try out in the past year.  We already checked out the best dry herb vaporizers right here. So now its time for the CBD vaporizers. Remember to carry out your own research before experimenting with these products.

Harmony CBD

Harmony was one of the pioneers in the CBD field, particularly in the vaping segment. They are an excellent go-to provider for anyone who wants to try CBD.

The company has wide-ranging flavours of CBD infused e-liquids which I have had the opportunity to try out and assess. I can attest that their effect on my anxiety and their taste blew me away! Not kidding about this!

Fruit lovers will be happy with their many tasty flavours that are available such as mango, strawberry, lemon and mint.

Likewise, the eau naturale fans will like the OG Kush products which produce earthy scents similar to those ones from Hindu Kush valley’s spring mornings. The powerful botanical taste and smell make this range perfect!

Last May, after I had done the review, I met with their team members during the Vaper Expo and was offered a sample of their CBD Pure Base.

Harmony CBD Vape E-Liquid

This one is designed to complement your ordinary use e-liquid by adding several drops rather than being vaped on its own.

Over the past few months, I have used it daily by putting 3 drops into my e-liquid every day.

This practice has ensured that my levels are maintained at a stable place. Although my mental health problems which comprise of depression, PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety and hypervigilance are still lurking in the background, which can at times be both tiring and scary, the symptoms have been somehow soothed.

When I say soothed – this means I’m not going about my day dazed and confused due to heavy meds I have taken – instead, I am more active, alert while at the same time decreasing the consumption of toxic drugs.

Though I’m not a doctor and have no idea whether CBD will eliminate your symptoms, I can say that the products I have used Harmony and specifically CBD Pure Base have been excellent for my needs.

CBD Village UK


VSAVI CBD is a product offering whose entire line is completely organic and provides flavourless CBD to add to your preferred e-liquid, Flavoured and Full Spectrum. Lemon Haze and OG Kush are part of the offering, for those who like to spice up their CBD with Terpenes.

Also, you can purchase strengths between the range of 50mg and 1000mg! Certainly, a good offering!

I must opine that their flavoured CBD brands are superb. The flavours are standard but are prepared excellently. Besides, their prices are attractive with a starting price of £6.99 for 50mg of CBD e-juice.

I happened to review VSAVI during a very turbulent period in my life, moving home! And used it solely for a whole one week around the move period.

Vsavi CBD Vape Pen

Per my assessment submission, as a larger fellow, it was certain that I clearly required a more powerful dose of CBD – this was a 1% in 100mg – besides there is the potential to take much stronger doses.

I got the package containing a conventional vape pen design fully equipped with a silicone wick type glassomizer but it performed properly. Of course, it is a valuable product to have at your disposal!

100mg of CBD is quite a small dose for your dough in my view, however, for starters who are experimenting with CBD, that’s a decent beginner level.


Cannadorra CBD vend natural hemp terpene e-liquid flavours that provide a better ‘realistic’ feel that is unique or recognisable. Located in Czechoslovakia, their entire product range is EU Certified and Bio produced so you are assured that their products are of superior quality.

Cannadorra CBD Vape E-Liquid


Some of the available flavours are Kush OG, Skywalker, Spearmint and Mango Kush. Mango Kush and Kush OG provide the well-known hemp flavour.

Currently, they can only be purchased in 50mg strengths which is okay for starters but this is not strong enough for experienced users who have been using CBD for long.


So there you have it the three best CBD oil vape oils that we have reviewed. It is hard to look past Harmony CBD as the best CBD vape oil around though Vsavi does come close. If your still wondering if vaping CBD is for you then check out of guide on why you should Vape CBD here! Any of the three above will certainly do the job you want them to do. Tell us what you think about our list and if we have missed any then let us know in the comments!

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