Dr Dabber Ghost Kit
Dr Dabber Ghost Kit

With all kinds of cannabis concentrates being made available in both recreational and medical markets, cannabis consumers now have a wide range of products they can vaporize aside from loose leaf (which I still enjoy from time to time due to the flavor it imparts. Recently, I received a Dr. Dabber Ghost kit courtesy of the folks over at Dr. Dabber, and after playing around with it for a little while, I decided to write my thoughts on it here. Designed specifically for concentrates, the Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit boasts titanium atomizer technology, which the complains claims “heats to the ideal temperature slowly, instead of burning red hot on contact. This eliminates the burned, electric taste synonymous with vaporizer pens, ensuring you can enjoy the flavor of your oils or waxes.” 

Dr Dabber Vape Pen
Dr Dabber Vape Pen

The Ghost Kit comes with everything you need to get started vaping concentrates. The kit is nicely packaged and includes includes a battery, two atomisers, a charger, a stir stick, a concentrates jar, and an instruction manual. Several other interesting attachments as well as additional atomizers are available on the Dr. Dabber website. The kit is also protected by a warranty which claims that “If your Ghost Battery is defective or has stopped working within the first 3 months, please follow the instructions to send it back to us for replacement. Warranty only applies to the Ghost battery and USB Charger.”

The atomizer with close up of titanium coils

After unboxing my ghost kit, I noticed that the battery appears to be a re-branded version of an eGO e-cigarette battery, which is a common theme among vape pens. When put together, the Dr. Dabber feels solid in my hand and is comfortable to hold. Once I charged the battery and connecting an atomizer, I loaded up some homemade isohash, screwed on the mouthpiece, and then pressed the power button three times to turn the unit on (it blinks when it turns on or off). Like most vape pens, the Dr.Dabber’s atomizer is manually controlled and it takes a little bit of getting used to in order to achieve the best possible hit. After holding down the button for a few seconds while slowly inhaling, I began to taste vapor and got plenty of puffs from my mid-grade isohash, making sure to stir the bowl every so often). According to the manufacturer, the atomizers should last between 4-8 weeks depending on your usage patterns. This is longer than many other atomizers that I’ve had experience with (many tend to clog up in a period of two weeks). Like most vape pens, I found the vapor to be harsher than with a dedicated vaporizer, but it wasn’t as bad as some other models, and this was due to the slower warm-up time which makes it harder to burn your product.

Although I haven't tried it, the Dr. Dabber percolator certainly looks interesting!
Although I haven’t tried it, the Dr. Dabber percolator certainly looks interesting!

One thing which really separates the Ghost Kit from the wide range of similar vape pens on the market is its interesting array of accessories which can be purchased from the Dr. Store (such as a percolator to cool the vapor), allowing you to customize your vaporizer experience. I haven’t had the opportunity to try these addons yet, but expect reviews of them in the near future!

Overall, the Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit has performed quite well for most concentrates that I’ve been able to throw at it so far, and the unit has a solid build quality backed up by a warranty.  However, I’ve only been using my unit for about a week and a half, so I’ll need more time before I can fully comment on reliability (I’ll update this review if I run into any issues). If you’re looking for a decent vape pen strictly for your concentrate needs, I recommend taking a look at the Ghost Kit! Also feel free to share your experiences with the kit (as well as any accessories you may have) in the comments!

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  1. I went to Seattle Hempfest and had a lot of fun! dr. dabber had a booth there and since my friends and I usually dab, I wanted to check it out! Their both had a large fish bowl full of little blue balls sitting on it and I thought they looked interesting, so I went up to see what they were. They were silicone balls that opened in half, I assume to store wax in. I asked the rep there if I could have one assuming they were a free marketing thing, but instead the rep was sarcastic and rude,in my opinion, explaining I had to pay a dollar or subscribe to their Instagram right then or there in order to get it. I felt like the rep was just trying to get something out of me instead of being friendly and trying to get their product name out there. I ended up putting the blue ball back in the bowl after the rep told me that, because my phone was low battery and I didn’t feel like I needed to prove to him I followed dr. Dabber on Instagram that second or not. Right before I was about to walk away, the rep said I could just have the silicone ball. Yay for them finally giving it to me, but I didn’t appreciate the customer service that was representing the brand. Most Stoners want to deal with friendly, nice people, not some rep giving them a hard time, I am sure dr. Dabber is a good company, but I think they need more friendly people to be representing their stuff.

  2. I have discovered that dealing with Dr Dabber customer services is stressful,painful,no respect for customers is very clearly illustrated.

    JAN 26, 2016 | 07:58PM EST
    Dan replied:
    Hi Robert,

    We’ve offered to help you on multiple occasions. We even offered to waive the 20% restocking fee for the initial return. You say the product never should have been sent in the first place, but YOU ordered it from our website. We did not order it for you. Nowhere does it say that we can honor address changes or cancellations. So the package was sent to the address YOU provided when YOU purchased the product. We are absolutely not at fault for that.
    Perhaps more importantly, the address you sent the package to is no longer valid, as the company has since moved to a larger facility in a different state, and we are no longer receiving mail at the previous location. This package will be marked as undeliverable by Fedex when it arrives and returned back to you. This is exactly why we asked you to adhere to our return protocol instead of deciding on your own what the best way to handle the matter is. We asked you to write ‘Return to Sender’ on the package. You waited 2 months then sent it a completely different method.
    At this point, we have done all we can to assist you. It was honestly difficult to read through the correspondence as you have been incredibly difficult, unhelpful and confrontational when all we have been doing is trying to assist you. Your threats of ‘exposing us’ on social media have fallen on deaf ears. If you had followed our return protocol your package would have been back with us and your refund would have been processed. Instead, you took matters into your own hands and as a result, you will be receiving the package back, and no further action will be taken on our behalf.

  3. Agree, their customer service up front was good. I continued to have problems with my ghost , it never worked for more than ten hits. They sent me new batteries but pen would not light up at all. Then they insinuated I was making it up. Geez, I got two grams of wax I would like to smoke. They quit replying. I sent the whole thing back including accessories I never used . They have had it over thirty days. I would at least like a refund for unused accessories but no response. Total waste

  4. Dr Dabber Aurora from Everyonedoesit what a let down. While it worked for 4-5 weeks it was great. But be aware the no quibble 1 year battery warranty is useless as the battery unit needs to be posted to Las Vegas for exchange, but batteries are banned from international posting by the UK Royal Mail. So my unit is now rendered useless and Im not going to waste more money on a replacement battery which might fail again after a few weeks

    1. After a few more emails Dr Dabber kindly posted a replacement battery without having the original returned. Now very happy camper and its working great.

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