Davinci AscentIts been over a year since I founded Vaporblog, and in that time I’ve posted plenty of reviews, guides, and other interesting articles here, and got some great feedback from readers. Since its inception, Vaporblog has grown tremendously in popularity and so I’ve decided to expand a little by adding a discussion forum. A number of blog readers have e-mailed me expressing their interest in having a place to discuss vaporizers more in-depth and have a place to share tips of their own. The new forum can be found here, and I will also be adding a link to the forum in the sidebar as well. Feel free to join and add to the discussion!

In other news, my contact over at DaVinci Vaporizers has told me that my Ascent will be shipping out shortly, so stay tuned for an in-depth review (and photos!) within the next two weeks!

-James (MrVape)

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