Today I decided to add a little update to the blog detailing some neat things to come in the near future! Although updates have been a little sparse lately, I have been working behind the scenes in order to get my hands on some of the coolest vapes on the market today. As vaporization technology matures, we’re seeing great leaps forward in the quality of portable vaporizers and new designs are being developed in attempt to deliver the best vaporization experience. Within the next few weeks, expect to see reviews for the following types of vapes:

The highly anticipated Davinci Ascent
The highly anticipated Davinci Ascent

Davinci Ascent

Currently being developed by Davinci Vapes, the ascent is a highly anticipated portable vape with a seriously cool looking design (It looks like a cellphone!). I’m excited that I’m going to have the opportunity to review it here on Vaporblog as I’d like to see how it stacks up with other Portable Vaporizers on the market. Edit: review is now up, you can find it here!

The Flashvape


Another portable vaporizer, the FlashVape claims a very fast (5 seconds or less) warm-up time, and has rechargeable batteries good for 2-3 bowls. I’m looking forward to testing the FlashVape’s warm-up time, as under five seconds is really impressive for a portable!


The Firewood is a $100 vaporizer which appears to resemble the MFLB a bit in design and is made with borosilicate glass, nichrome, and real hardwood. With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery included, the Firewood is said to get 5 bowls per charge.

CVault Stash Case

Manufactured by Freshtor, the CVault is an airtight stash case designed with high quality materials. I’ve heard good things about the CVault and it is definitely seems more durable and portable compared to using a glass mason jar.

Firewood vape

I expect to be receiving these products within the coming few weeks (hopefully sooner!), and I look forward to getting some in-depth reviews up as soon as possible! Also don’t forget to follow the VaporBlog twitter in order to get the most up-to date information about new reviews being released and more!

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