Included with the Volcano Classic Vaporizer:

   1x Volcano Classic Vaporizer
   1x Aromatherapy Filling Chamber
   1x Balloon Set (Please select above)
   1x Normal Screen Set
   1x Air Filter Set
   1x Liquid Pad
   1x Cleaning Brush
   1x Instruction Manual


The Volcano Classic was first introduced by Storz & Bickel in 2003. This desk vaporizer was S&B’s first in its line of renowned dry herb vapes. The first forced-air fan-driven vapor to receive widespread commercial success was the Volcano Classic, and the first desktop vaporizer featuring their patented balloon technology. This balloon can be used in multiple ways which is why it became so popular to start with.

The Volcano Classic features an advanced heating system, a volcano-shaped design, and a unique shape. It produces the finest vapor, and free of any harmful irritants. It is easy to use this desktop vaporizer with a rotary dial and enables you to freely change the temperature. The range of the temperature goes from 1 to 9, and 266 F to 446 F degrees.

The Volcano Classic is a a type of advanced blend of aromatherapy and essential oil desktop vaporizer. Via patented technology, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer removes toxins as well as any other harmful byproducts such as carcinogens and tars, through the vaporizing effects and that intensifies the active ingredients effects that are released via vapor by around 75%.

The air is circulated by the German hand-crafted technology that is enrich with various active ingredients that are vaporized inside of a balloon via a valve, until it is completely full. After the balloon is full you can completely detach the value and separate from its device. The balloon of the Volcano Classic allows for storing vapor for up to a maximum of 8 hours.

The preferences and needs of the consumers were considered when the Easy Valve was developed. The Easy Value features very minimal maintenance and easy handling. You are no longer required to attach a new balloon to its valve, since the Easy Valve now comes in the form of a valve balloon unit that is ready to use including mouthpiece. After the Easy Valve cannot be used any longer, you just take the old one out and replace it with a new one. Its starter set comes with 5 Easy Valve balloons along with the appropriate filling chamber. It is also easy to re-use and clean the Easy Valve filling chamber.

The Solid Valve

This is the Classic device that allows you to select your own balloon size since the Solid Valve Set has a box with 3 meters worth of balloon material. It uses the Solid Valve. Replacing the balloon is a bit tricky and you do need to have some experience, but a less expensive type of long-term option is provided by the Solid Valve, as you can purchase the balloon material at an affordable price.

The mouthpiece for both the solid and easy valve choice are made out of durable, high quality plastic.

Balloon Bag System

This balloon needs to replaced after the value set is cleaned in regular time intervals (after 50 to 100 balloon fillings). Each Volcano comes enclosed with a 3 meter roll of balloon material, which is enough for making 5 to 6 balloons. You might also use other oven bags or heat-proof oven hoses, such as the Reynolds “large” oven. No other cling wraps or plastic bags are used. After the Easy Valve cannot be used any longer, you can just replace the old one with a new one. It is required a lot less often (approximately once per year with regular use), although you might have to replace its filling chamber screens. Each of the complete sets come with 3 lower and 3 upper screens. It will last for quite a long time. There are no other parts that get subjected to wear and tear.

Get Your Volcano Classic Going

Exceptional vapor quality is provided by the Volcano Classic, and that fact that is so easy to use is what makes it so appealing to use the Volcano Classic. It heaps up in around three to five minutes based on the taste preference and load size. The orange light goes off and that is when you need to snap the filling chamber located on the top and turn the fan on. Wait until you start seeing vapor, and that will take a few seconds. Then you connect the balloon and can start to vape. It produces a vapor that is very dense and offers great flavor.

To fill up a standard size balloon it will take around one minute. Once the chamber is completely full, take the balloon off of the filling chamber and then attach the mouthpiece. You will then be ready to enjoy the tasty vapor offered by the Volcano Classic. You also can store it inside of the bag for another vaping session.

Density and Taste

One of the major reasons why Volcano Vaporizer is so popular is the consistently high quality vapor that you get from each balloon. Due to the large area that is heated up your herbs are quite evenly heated which makes each hit quite satisfactory. While it may take a bit longer compared to the smaller vapes to get heated up, the desktop vaporizer makes it worth the wait.

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Temperature Control and Appearance

The dial can be used on the front to make it very easy to select the temperature. There are two large buttons on the Volcano Vape for air and heat and a smaller control orange light in between indicates when the vaporizer has hit your selected temperature. The Volcano overall is easy to maintain, especially with the stainless steel exterior. There is a good reason why so many individuals who happily own Volcanoes are years old.

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