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Davinci Miqro Bundle Kit Includes:

1 x Micro USB Cord
1 x Cleaning Kit
1 x Extended Mouthpiece
1 x Extra 18350 Battery
1 x Herb and Battery Carry Can
1 x Grinder Card
1 x Carrying Case
1 x MIQRO Glove



DaVinci is renowned for being a market leader in manufacturing high-quality vaporizers that have been specifically engineering for dry herb vaping. Their latest offering, the DaVinci MIQRO is no different, it is a market leader.

The MIQRO is about 33 percent more compact than the all-conquering predecessor, the IQ. Aside from the physical attributes, the DaVinci MIQRO has been designed to extract more flavors from your herb of choice. By combining a mouthpiece designed to allow users to draw pure vapor and the zirconium ceramic vapor path, the MIQRO produces the purest flavored vapors, elevating your vaping experience to a higher level.

Technical Specification

Vaporizes – Herbs
Temperature levels, Max temperature ranges under Smart Path mode 3 and 4 390°F-430°F
Heating system – Conduction
Compatibility with chargers, USB chargers
Compatibility with smartphones – Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems
Bluetooth connectivity
5 pre-set temperature settings that you control using the mobile apps
Multicolored LED user interface
Approximate dimensions – 3.4 x 7.94 cm

Heating And Temperature: The Different Modes

The DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer has the capability to vaporize in a wide temperature range, from 300°F to 430°F. This is possible due to the innovative technologies such as smart path, standby mode, and boost mode that it uses.

Smart Path

With the smart path, you can choose between 4 different settings known as paths. With each path, you get a temperature range of 20 degrees. As such, if you love vaping at a specific temperature range, using MIQRO will ensure that you get to that temperature range fast and easy. You can tailor your vaping experience just how you like it.

The smart paths start at the lowest temperature ranges for effective vaping and can gradually increase over the vaping sessions. The smart paths and their corresponding temperature include:

Smart Path mode 1 – 350°F to 370°F
Smart Path mode 2 – 370°F to 390°F
Smart Path mode 3 – 390°F to 410°F
Smart Path mode 4 – 410°F to 430°F

Boost Mode

It also comes with a boost mode, which allows users to specify the temperature they want to vape at. You simply hold the power button allowing the temperature to rise to the level you need.

For instance, if want to vape at the maximum temperature possible, just press and hold the power button and the temperature will increase to that level and stay at that level without further intervention. When you activate the boost mode, the heating elements are engaged, thereby increasing the temperature quite rapidly. This new feature allows users to quickly adjust the temperature upwards when needed during vaping sessions, thereby reducing the wait time

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Standby Mode

As for the standby mode, it functions to rapidly cool down the internal oven, allowing you to conserve the dry herb. Furthermore, this feature allows the user to conserve battery power, thereby extended the endurance of your battery. You should also note that when then MIQRO is in standby mode, after 2 minutes it will shut off automatically.

This feature has been designed to increase battery life but to also improve the safety of this vaporizer.

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Design and Features

The MIQRO has been designed to be small, compact, and beautiful. As such, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is also very convenient to use and carry anywhere you want. Moreover, it has a removable battery, which means that you can carry an extra battery just in case you need extra power. One thing is for sure, it has been designed with the users’ needs in mind.

However, the beauty that comes with the anodized aluminum shell is not the end of it. The shell is also practical. For instance, it is very resilient to dents. This vaporizer also comes with lighted buttons that are very durable and they have a high-quality feel to them. It also has a hinged magnetic door, making it very easy to pop open and close. Importantly, this style of hinge ensures that it stays shut when closed.


The MIQRO vaporizer heats up quite fast, in as little as 30 seconds when the battery is fully charged. This allows users to use their vaporizer whenever it is needed. The 18350 900mAH battery is user replaceable, allowing users to replace the battery on the go after draining one battery. The batteries can be externally charged and take about 45 minutes to fully charge.

However, you can charge the batteries using via its USB port, giving you a convenient means of charging the vaporizer. While charging via the USB port, you can still use it to vape.

Using The DaVinci MIQRO

To use the DaVinci MIQRO, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the herb chamber and fill it with your choice of dry herb.
Step 2. Power up the MIQRO by clicking the power button five times.
Step 3. When the MIQRO is up and running, use the power button to flick through the various modes, precision heating, smart paths, and Boost Modes.
Step 4. Using the up and down button, you can select your temperature of choice.
Step 5. The heating process will take about 20 seconds. After it is complete, you can start enjoying vaping. In a nutshell, enjoy yourself.

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