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Included with the Crafty Vaporizer:

1x CRAFTY Portable Vaporizer
1x Power Adapter with USB Cable
1x Mouthpiece
1x Liquid Pad for Thick Oil and Concentrates
3x Normal Screens
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Filling Aid
1x Set of Spare Seal Rings
1x Storz & Bickel Grinder
1x User Manual



One of the first portable vaporizers available from manufacturers Storz & Bickel, creators of the Volcano, is the Crafty Vaporizer. This item presents a high-quality vapor in a sleek, handheld design. Created for both thick oil concentrates and dried aromatherapy herb blends, along with the liquid pad, the compact and ergonomic design is easy to use with a one-button operation technique. This vaporizer can be controlled remotely using a Bluetooth app available on phones notifying you when the item is ready with a Haptic vibration alarm. As with all of the Storz & Bickel vaporizers, the Crafty Vaporizer offers an innovative combination of conduction heating and full hot air convection heating in a start of the art high-efficiency heat exchange.

The Crafty DLX UPGRADE including a water tool and adapter

This is the most recent model of the Crafty Vaporizer model including a DLX upgrade. The upgrade brings a 14mm glass water tool adapter to the vaporizer design, along with the water tool to moisten and cool the vapor before it enters the body. The elements are designed for easy yet firm connectivity to the device, while still being secure enough to ensure ne vapor is lost.

It is important to note that this upgrade is to be used for aromatherapy blends.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Crafty Vaporizer?

The benefits to this vaporizer include:

– high quality performance with premium vapor
– similarity or exceeding standards when compared to other types of desktop vaporizers
– a free app available to download on a smartphone, thus allowing you to control the vaporizer remotely
– an adjustable heating system ensuring you receive the ideal results during a vaping session
– a vented plastic body feature preventing the vaporizer from becoming too hot during the session
– vibration features letting you know when the item is prepared for vaping; as well as vibration letting you know when the vaporizer has switched off
– availability of a liquid pad on which to place vape concentrate liquids

The drawbacks to the Crafty Vaporizer include:

– very expensive to purchase
– reduced battery life, but the vaporizer can be used while charging
– the automatic shut off feature is short
– the mouthpiece can become dirty; therefore, it is recommended you purchase a carrier case for the item

What About Heating And Temperature Of The Vaporizer?

This vaporizer model is a portable item with a hybrid-heating feature that is as unique as it is tasty. The Crafty Vaporizer has two separate pre-set temperature settings with the lowest setting being a default of 356 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher temperature setting is 374 degrees Fahrenheit. These settings are adjustable and can be reset utilizing the smartphone app; therefore, you are able to modify the vaporizer quite simply.

In addition, the Crafty Vaporizer presents with a cooling unit that is built into the mouthpiece. This cooling unit forces vapor to travel through the unit for a longer period; therefore, resulting in a cooling effect before reaching the user’s mouth. The chamber in which the vape is built provides high-heat efficiency.

What About The Design Of The Crafty Vaporizer?

This vaporizer is hand-crafted by Storz & Bickel in Germany, as is the Plenty Vaporizer and the Volcano Vaporizer. Like these vaporizers, the Crafty is created using high quality material for premium functionality and durability. Stainless steel is utilized for the exterior of the device, as well as an option between ceramics or steel for the inner heating chamber. All Storz & Bickel’s devices are original items, and this vaporizer is no different. The Crafty’s coiled and textured appearance makes it seem as if it was pulled directly from the engine of a car.

What About The Features Of A Crafty Vaporizer?

The Crafty Vaporizer utilizes numerous advanced thermal engineering features to enhance the user’s vaping experience. Its lithium-ion battery is part of the unit and fits in a person’s pocket. The vaporizer is controlled with one-button switching the item on, heating the device automatically to the default temperature setting. When it reaches the chosen temperature setting, the vaporizer vibrates twice and the LED lights turn green.

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This vaporizer comes with one of the most functional vaporizer apps available on the e-cigarette market. It also presents with vibration notifications and an automatic feature for turning off the vaporizer – highly beneficial for safety purposes. The Crafty presents with a semi-pass via charging, which is a feature where the device can be utilized while charging. This means it can be charged and used when the vaporizer has more than twenty percent battery life.

What About The Advanced Technology?

The Crafty Vaporizer utilizes advanced thermal engineering technology to improve the vaporizing sessions of the user. As is mentioned, the lithium-ion battery can fit directly in your pocket, and the one-button control allows the vaporizer to be turned on and automatically heated to the preset temperature. When the vaporizer reaches this temperature setting, a short double-vibration is released with the LED lighting changing to green from red.

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What About The High Quality?

Created in Germany by the manufacturers Storz & Bickel, this vaporizer is constructed utilizing superior materials with high durability and functionality.

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