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The Arizer Solo II – Features

  • Quick heat up time; 3x faster heat up time than the original.
  • Lighter & more portable than ever.
  • Perfect temperature adjustability, can be adjusted by 1 degree.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • All glass vapor path for pure, tasty and toxin free vapor.
  • Reliable all-day vaping with up to 20 users per charge.
  • Improved airflow, hit hard and long to get thick clouds.


If you choose the New Solo II, you will never have to vape alone. The latest dry herb vaporizer from Arizer is an amazing piece of technology. It is not even much of a stretch to say that that it was one of 2017’s best vaporizers. It is aesthetically similar to the Arizer Solo but strikes a harder punch, has a higher level of adjustability, and lasts longer. If you want to enjoy the purest aromatherapy herb taste, check out this amazing vaporizer today.

The Arizer Solo II might be small, but it does not mean that it does not pack a lot of power. It has complete temperature control that ranges from 122°F to 428°F. The hybrid heat system that comes from the vaporizer is very fast with a minimum heat time of 20 seconds, but the vapor becomes thicker if you wait a while longer. No matter what, those times come in about thrice as fast as the first Solo vaporizer.

The New Arizer Solo II

The basic Arizer Solo II kit comes with just about everything you would want right out of the box. Besides the Arizer Solo II and the official mains charger, you also get 2 Aroma Tubes. One of the tubes is 90mm while the other one is 110mm long, which means that you have options for various types of vapor experience. You will also get vapor tube caps, which means that you can carry them ready to use, wherever you go without worrying about the material falling out and getting wasted.

The Arizer Solo II features a patented cylindrical body design and hybrid heat system combo that creates a delicious vapor while still being very dependable. It uses the same stainless-steel oven and ceramic heating element as the original Solo, which works quite efficiently. It also uses the same Aroma Tubes as the original Solo, which means you will probably have spares lying around. The thing that adds to the flavor quality is that rather than loading herbs into the oven, you simply load them into the glass Aroma Tube’s base and then insert that into the oven.

Arizer Solo II: Key Features

– Custom temperature settings adjustable by degree.

– Borosilicate glass vapor path for pure, full flavor for each draw.

– Considerably improved battery life compared to the original.

– Charging from empty to full in about 3 hours.

– Full LCD display.

– A belt clip for securely holding the Arizer Solo II and both Aroma Tubes, which means that you are ready to go wherever, whenever.

– Aroma Dish for use in home aromatherapy, which is great for infusing lavender smell into your home.

CBD Village UK

– Full mains power unit for charging the Arizer Solo II much quicker than similar devices that use US chargers.

CBD Village UK

– Designed to be as simple to clean as possible.

– Get about 20 full sessions out of a single charge.

What is New?

Just about everything about the original Solo has been improved in the Solo II. From the ground up, Arizer has looked at ways to improve function and efficiency. While the original Solo has LEDs on the front for indicating the temperature level, the Solo II has a full LCD display that shows all the information you need and allowing you to adjust the settings.

Under regular use, the screen displays the battery level at the top, the current temperature in the middle, while the bottom displays the temperature setting. The temperature control was the first of the settings to be drastically improved.

Arizer now gives you two options for adjusting the temperature: the first one lets you adjust the temperature in 10-degree increments for changing the temperature quickly in just a few clicks. The second option allows you to adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments, which gives you complete control over vapor temperature and the amount of flavor you get out of the material.

Arizer now gives you the ability to adjust things such as how long the device stays on when in use, how bright the screen is, and the unit of temperature used i.e. F or C. It is quite a complete evolution of the original Solo.

What Stands Out About the Arizer Solo II

– Easy Cleaning

– Improved airflow, hit long and hard enough to get thick clouds

– Reliable vaping all-day with up to 20 uses for each charge

– Vapor path is all glass for pure, tasty, toxin free vapor

– Easy maintenance and use

– Lighter and more portable

– Quick heat time; 3 times faster heat up time compared to the original

Thanks to the simple oven design cleaning, the Arizer Solo II is simply a matter of emptying out loose material and giving it a wipe with a cotton bud or swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. It will be shiny and clean again in a matter of seconds.

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