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You may have heard the term ‘dab pen’ when you have been researching ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates through the vaping system.

It’s a phrase that will certainly have come up, but it may not have made any sense; after all, if you aren’t sure what a dab pen is, how will you know whether it’s something you are going to enjoy or want?

What Is A Dab Pen Used For? 

A dab pen is a specifically designed e-cigarette – also known as a wax pen or vaporizer – that is used for vaping cannabis concentrates. A good dab pen will include a comfortable mouthpiece for inhaling the vapors, atomizers, and heating coils. The one thing about dab pens is that they come in so many different designs and styles that you are sure to find something that will suit not only your taste but your budget too.  

For those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, a dab pen is the ideal way to do it comfortably and safely. Even for those who prefer to use it for recreational reasons, utilizing a wax pen is a much easier, more comfortable, and, perhaps most importantly, discreet way to do so. These pens are portable too, so you can take them with you no matter where you go.  

Because there is a such a wide variety to choose from, picking the right dab pen for you might seem like an overwhelming task, but our guide should help you decide which one is going to be best for you depending on what you need, what you’re looking for, and how you like to vape. So what should you look for in a dab pen when you’re considering buying one?  


The point of having a good dab pen is that it should be as portable as possible. You want to be vaping on the go – if you didn’t, you would probably use the old fashioned paper method and stay at home. So portability is certainly something you should look at as a priority when picking a dab pen. The pen should be lightweight, easy to hold, and easy to slip into a pocket or bag when you’re not using it.  

Battery Life

Some wax pens or dab pens have much better battery lives than others, and at the very least you will want one that lasts two hours as this should give you enough charge to use when you are out and about. When looking at battery life, you will need to work out how and when you are going to use the pen to vape with. That way you will know what kind of battery life you can deal with.  

As well as how long the battery is going to last, you should also look into how quickly the dab pen charges. The quicker it charges, the less of a problem a shorter battery life will be, as long as the pen has adaptors that mean it can be charged in a car, for example, or via USB.  


Some dab pens come with additional accessories including glass globes so that you can see the vapor forming, or water pipe attachments that make for a smoother vape. If you want a pen that has accessories, then you will need to see what’s available to you – not all wax pens come with any extras, and some of those extras will be massively expensive, so you should check out all the different factors before making a choice.  


There are a number of materials that a dab pen can be made from, each one offering something different. Some use ceramic plates, for example, which are particularly efficient at heating, but are also very durable. Others use materials that look attractive. What is it that you are really wanting from a dab pen? Once you know this, you will know what material is going to suit you best.  


Some dab pens come with an awful load of features that sound exciting but that aren’t actually that useful when it comes down to it. Therefore, remember to take a step back when you are reading through all of those extra features; each one is going to cost you money, and if you’re not going to use them, why get a pen that has them in the first place? You can save yourself a lot of cash if you stick with a wax pen that only does what you want and need it to do.  


No matter how good the dab pen is that you have purchased, something things will go wrong – accidents happen. So having a pen with a great warranty is important. Not only does it mean that if there is a problem the manufacturer will deal with it, but it also means that the manufacturer has faith in their product from the start – and therefore you can too.  

The Vapor 

Perhaps one of the most essential and basic elements of a dab pen is that it should provide you with the best quality vapor possible. Some pens will do this, and some will certainly struggle. Reading reviews is often the best way to determine whether you are buying something that will give you the experience you are looking for.  

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Vaping is an art and a science, and when you become more accustomed to it, you will want to be able to vary your vaping experience – sometimes you might prefer more vapor, other times you’ll be keen for more flavor, and so on. A dab pen that offers flexibility and variability, giving you the chance to customize your experience can be ideal. If you have one that only offers one kind of vape and you have to buy additional pens to vape in other ways, you’ll be spending a lot of money when one pen might have done it all for you.  


As with everything, price is definitely something you need to consider. Some dab pens are less expensive than others, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do the job you want them to, or be absolutely perfect for you. Make sure you set a budget that you can work with, and then take a look at the different options open to you.  

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