My current DaVinci Ascent
My current DaVinci Ascent

Yesterday, I posted an article here in which I complained about the build quality of both the Davinci Ascent as well as the Vaporgenie Volta. Early this morning, I awoke with an e-mail in my inbox from the folks over at DaVinci who have shipped me a replacement, and had some things to say about the build quality of their newest product.

According to Dennis from DaVinci, the most recent Ascent model fixes the following problems that the the first incantation experienced:

  • Silicone has been updated and we have moved the curing in-house to maximize quality control
  • Updated the printed circuit board which has fixed the phantom battery drain issue
  • Fixed all the cosmetic issues.

Having myself experienced the phantom battery issue, I’m excited to try the most recent release of the Ascent since it supposedly fixes this issue. Prior to my battery dying, my Ascent was a great portable vaporizer which was extremely discreet while at the same time providing a solid vaporization experience thanks to its digital temperature gauge. Like the majority of highly technical products, early adopters of the Ascent have suffered from more quality control issues than later adopters. The upside however, is that DaVinci honors all warranties for defective Ascents, simply get in touch with them using the contact form on their website. From what I’ve seen on this FC thread, customers are very happy with their replacement Ascents.

Overall, I was impressed by DaVinci’s response, and it makes me happy to hear that DaVinci stands behind the quality and integrity of their product. Expect a follow up here on Vaporblog within the coming weeks which looks at the new Ascent model in greater detail while at the same time comparing it to the early adopter Ascent.

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