My Ascent no longer powers on

Edit: See my article here with DaVinci’s response to Ascent issues, as well as my comparison between generation 1 and 2 Ascents.

Although portable vaporizers are super handy to use on the go (especially if they’re discreet), I find that they tend to have more issues than their traditional plug-in counterparts. After using several portable vaporizers over the past year, I’ve run into some issues with both the Davinci Ascent as well as the Vaporgenie Volta.

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A few months ago, I reviewed the Davinci Ascent, a relatively new portable vaporizer boasting an all glass vapor path and long lasting (or so I thought) rechargeable battery. Although my Ascent ran great for the first few months after my review (in fact, it was my favorite portable vaporizer until running into issues), I began to experience a few problems. Firstly, I noticed that the battery began to lose its ability to hold a charge over time, going from over 6 bowls to around 3 before dying. Furthermore, a few days ago my ascent finally died, failing to power on at all.

After doing some research, I learned that I’m not the only person to experience Ascent quality control issues. This FC thread has members complaining of battery life as well as off-gassing issues. Last week I sent an e-mail to Davinci regarding the issue, but have yet to hear back from them. I will updating this page with more information once I hear back from them.

The cracked glass of my Volta
The cracked glass of my Volta

Although my Vaporgenie Volta started off performing well (similar to an MFLB), the glass covering the herb trench ended up cracking after a few months of regular use (I was careful to never drop it). Not long after the crack appeared the glass ended up breaking totally, making the vaporizer difficult to use. I suspect that the magnet used to attach the glass to the base of the Volta was attaching a little too hard, causing a stress fracture.

The Firewood Vaporizer
The Firewood Vaporizer

For the time being, I recommend taking a look at the Arizer Solo as a longer lasting alternative portable vaporizer. It produces large vapor clouds and has a range of temperature settings. There’s also the Pax Ploom which is quite discreet. If the Solo or Pax are a little above your price range, then I recommend taking a look at the Firewood portable vaporizer which has continued to perform well for me. If you have any other portable vaporizers that you recommend, feel free to let me know in the comments section!

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