420Today is April 20th (better known as 420), a great day for tokers everywhere! If you’re like me then you’ll be spending this 420 with some good bud, friends, and a nice vaporizer. This 420 is a special one, as it marks the first time in which tokers in two American states (Washington and Colorado) are legally able to celebrate 420 without fear of being unjustly arrested or cited. Hopefully more states will follow these States and take initiative and adopt saner marijuana policies themselves.

I’m also going to take a moment of silence in memory of those who perished during the Boston Marathon Bombing, and give thanks to the brave men and women who worked together to subdue the criminals who committed it. Clearly there are more important things to do than bust people for pot smoking!

Remember, have a fun and safe 420 this year!

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  1. Happy 420! You’re right, it did feel extra special this year. Hopefully next year we’ll have another few states to add to the legal list!

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