vapRwear Women's Hoodie
vapRwear Women’s Hoodie

Earlier this morning, I came across an article on Whaxy which talks about a newly developed wearable cannabis vaporizer from a company called vapRwear. Although I think the concept is interesting, I’m quite skeptical in the practicality of the execution. From the photos I’ve seen on the VapRwear Instagram page, it appears that the unit is merely a vape pen (which can also vape loose leaf) cleverly inserted into different types of clothing. As a result, I imagine that the vapor quality and battery life will be subpar compared to a dedicated portable vape (concentrates on the other hand may work better). According to the vapRwear website,

vapRwear is the brainchild of Elvis “Papi” Edwards, a Caribbean native, former athlete, socialite, model, actor, and entrepreneur. With recent changes in Colorado legislation, Papi saw an opportunity to blend comfort with discreet functionality – and vapRwear was born.

A close-up of the vaporizer itself
A close-up of the vaporizer itself

Despite blogging about vaporizers since early 2012 (and using them since 2009!), I’ve noticed that since early 2014 the vaporizer community has been growing by leaps and bounds. I feel that the vapRwear is yet another way that new companies are looking to capitalize on this popularity by attempting to differentiate themselves from the competition (with a gimmick in this case). Despite my skepticism regarding the vapRwear’s viability, I’m going to try my best to get a hold of some of the company’s products to review here on VaporBlog (it is a vaporizer after all!), so stay tuned as I may be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. I have a question concerning your guide to making e-liquid using the everclear alcohol method (could not comment directly on that post for some reason). About how long should it take to extract from the herb into the everclear? My water in the pot was barely a simmer and my alcohol in the mason jar dropped pretty quickly. More detail in the timing of the steps would be greatly appreciated.


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