Canada_flag_halifaxDuring an historic election day today, Canadians overthrew our Prime Minister Stephen Harper (a Conservative who has been in power for ten years and opposes the legalization of cannabis, falsely claiming that its ‘infinitely worse than tobacco‘) in favor of a Liberal majority government who plans to legalize cannabis and regulate the industry. I was expecting a minority government tonight, and I must say that I’m pretty shocked (but also very happy) with the direction that my country will be taking over the next few years!

However, don’t expect cannabis to be sold in stores anytime soon as it will take one to two years for studies to be commissioned and regulations to be created (although the Liberals have stated they will be working on implementing legalization ‘right away‘). I expect the situation to start developing within the next few months, and I’ll be sure to post some updates here on VaporBlog when I have them!

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