Eds TnT Stem on Arizer Air-2
Eds TnT Stem on Arizer Air-2

Arizer’s Air is a great little portable vape which I find myself using time and time again while I’m on the go. Not too long ago I managed to get in contact with Ed of Ed’s TnT about reviewing some of his custom made vape stems, and he was kind enough to send me an Oak replacement stem to review! I’m no stranger to trying out custom stems, in fact, in a previous article here on VaporBlog, I reviewed Planet Vape’s PVHES Air Stems and found the Vortex to be my favorite of the three. After receiving the stem a few days ago, I soon got to work testing it out and comparing it to the other stems that I’ve used for the Air.

Eds TnT Arizer Stem Parts
Eds TnT Arizer Stem Parts

The first thing that I noticed about the stem after unboxing is the construction. According to the company founder Ed, the wood used in the stem comes from Scottish Bog Oak wood which is over 5,000 years old. The wood is black, and is attached to a stainless steel herb trench which can be removed for cleaning. Holding the screen in place is a temperature resistant metal o-ring which can be removed easily for cleaning or screen replacement. Moreover, Oak is a hardwood so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about accidentally leaving bite marks (although I don’t suggest trying this!). The stem is slightly longer than the stock Air stem, and about half the size of the PVHES stems, making it highly portable. It also fits easily inside the Air’s included carrying case which is a bonus since I usually put the case in my bag and don’t like having my stems loose. One thing that I really enjoyed from an aesthetic standpoint was the colors of the stem they match the colors of the Air itself! Aside from having a very sleek and elegant look, one thing that I find super convenient about this stem is that it doubles as a waterpipe adapter for bongs with a 14mm downstem.

Ed’s TnT Stem next to my stock Air stem (which needs cleaning!)

The TnT Air bowl is slightly larger than the one that comes with the Air, and after packing it loosely I attached it to my unit and turned it on to the blue temperature setting to start. Make sure to give it some time to heat up, and its a good idea to wait a few seconds between puffs to make sure that the bowl has returned to your desired temperature. I definitely noticed that I was able to get a few more puffs by using this bowl compared to the stock one, and this is most likely due to the larger bowl size. Furthermore, I found the draw to be quite easy and I was able to get solid vapor production by taking slow puffs. Although the stock mouthpiece tends to get hot after continuous operation, the TnT stem has better heat dissipation (thanks to the wood) which I find eliminates this issue. However, be careful when removing the stem as the steel part gets very hot while the unit is in operation!

 The Ed's TnT Oak Stem fits nicely inside the Air's carrying case
The Ed’s TnT Oak Stem fits nicely inside the Air’s carrying case

To keep your stem working as efficiently as possible, make sure that you clean it on a frequent basis. In an e-mail exchange, Ed has advised me that you should never submerge or soak the wooden part of your stem in any liquids whatsoever! Doing so risks damaging the wood on your stem and can possibly cracking. To best clean your stem, Ed recommends “dipping a cotton swab in high proof alcohol, I use everclear, squeeze out the excess and then swab the inside of the stem a few times. You can also swab out the bushing if you like, the bushing itself can be soaked in what ever you like though. Let the pieces dry and slip the wood shaft back within the bushing and you are back up and running.” Moreover, you can also remove the bowl and submerge the metal part in high proof alcohol without any issue. Just make sure to dry it off before reattaching it to the rest of your stem!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Ed’s TnT Air replacement stem. Not only did it improve my airflow (as long as you’re using a clean screen), it looks great, is more durable than glass, and is compatible with watertools! I recommend using the Oak stem if you’re looking for something which offers a greater airflow than the Air’s stock mouthpiece as well as an elegant design. Just make sure to clean the screen on a regular basis to maintain proper airflow levels!

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