Best Rolling papers For Taste

With the popularity of vaporizers, bongs, and pipes it can be easy to forget the most common form of dry herb consumption: hand rolled paper cigarettes. The vast majority of us enjoyed our first taste of herb from a hand rolled joint, and many of us also spent a lot of time learning how to properly roll them together.  

For the most part, a lot of what you can read online is concerned with more exotic forms of herb consumption. Bongs offer great cooling and impressive glass aesthetic, pipes come in all manner of different materials and designs, and vaporizers are packed with all manners of bells and whistles that demand attention.  

Of course, sometimes you’ve got to appreciate the old ways, tradition is tradition for a reason. Of course, there’s also something to be said for the satisfaction of making something with your own hands, even if it’s just a joint. Though it can be easy to assume that a rolling paper is the most basic type of herb consumption, there’s more to them than meets the eye. There are a host of different paper lengths, materials, and weaves. Some are made for long burn times, some are made for ease of use, and some are made for flavour.  

Conduction Vs Convection Vaping

RAW Rolling Papers

Raw are one of the most famous rolling paper brands on the planet. Their beige and red packaging are well known among all herb fans. Their distinctive earthy colour is down to the fact that they don’t use any bleach or whitening agents in their manufacturing process, their paper is all natural.  

The Raw Hemp papers are made out of high-quality hemp fibers which are processed as naturally as their other papers. This means that their papers are the best thing is you want a delicious and smooth dry herb experience, then Raw hemp papers are a must.  

Rizla Rolling Papers

Rizla are an established and well-known brand of rolling paper. They have built their name on the reliability and quality of their papers. They are a trusted brand that have decades of successes and experience behind them. Their silver papers are a go-to for dry herb rolling. King-sized to allow you to roll a good joint without having to resort to sticking several shorter papers together. Silver papers are engineered to tolerances measured down to microns.

This is to ensure that there is minimal taste interference. You can infuse your papers with whatever you want, you can make it out of any fibers you want, but if your paper is super thin, then that’s the best way to enjoy pure, unadulterated herb. Some say these are the best rolling papers for blunts you can get. 

Exclusive Rolling Papers

Exclusive have a twist when it comes for papers that comes to the taste of your dry herb, flavoured skins. If you want a twist on your herb experience, then flavoured herb papers may be the way to go. Exclusive flavoured papers come infused with everything from strawberries to Jamaican rum.

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