Oil Slick PackageI’ve been vaping a lot of cannabis concentrates lately, and despite loving the potency of dabbing well extracted BHO, it can definitely be a hassle when it comes to cleaning time! Furthermore, because concentrates are both very sticky as well as expensive in most areas, you’ll want to minimize the amount of oil that adheres to surfaces other than your vaporizer. Fortunately, I recently came across a product line known as the Oil Slick and it promised to be the answer to my oil troubles. According to the manufacturer, “The reinforced medical grade silicone silicone surface is nonstick, heat resistant, solvent resistant, and completely reusable. Oil Slick is microwave and hot-plate safe. The unique material spreads heat evenly when used for purging and handles temperatures up to 500°F (260C).” After receiving some different size pads in the mail earlier this week, I decided to post a small review about them here.

Medium Sized Oil Slick Pad with VapeXNail

The first pad I opened up was the medium sized pad which measures 12″x8.5″ (just a little larger than your average mousepad). This pad fits nicely on my desk while giving me plenty of space to store my oil tools, VapeXNails, and Ascent Oil Jars. I experimented with putting shatter, wax, and oils onto the pad, and each time I was able to easily remove them using an oil tool with a flat top.

Small Oil Slick Pad with nail dome and Ascent Oil Jar

I also picked up a small pack of Oil Slick Pads which arrived with two 3.25″x4.5″ pads, and I was equally satisfied with those. The small pads have a similar white and green design as the medium pad, and there appears to be no differences aside from the smaller size. Because they are so much smaller to work with, I recommend purchasing the smaller pads for use in a travel kit and getting the medium size for at home use. To clean your pads, simply wipe them down using a cloth dabbed in some rubbing alcohol, and it should look like new again!

Overall, I’m loving my Oil Slick pads so far, and I highly recommend picking up a few for at home and on the go use as they’re pretty inexpensive given how long they last. Moreover, although I haven’t tried it, the large 2’x3′ pad seems like it would be best suited for dispensaries and vapor lounges who work with significant quantities of oil and have large surfaces that they would like to clean with ease!

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