Grenco Science G pen nova

What’s Included in the Box:

* G Pen Nova LXE
* Micro USB Cable

Please note, the G Pen Nova LXE is designed to work with prefilled 510 cartridges and wax concentrates.


Key Features

With the 510 threaded design, the Nova LXE is a unique vape pen with a run-of-the-mill appearance.

As soon as it’s removed from the box, it has a standard appearance as most vape pens do. It comes in a distinguished charcoal grey and has an authentic feel to it. The differences start to become apparent with the pen’s interior as it has a unique mouthpiece. This is seen with its built-in dab tool, which is made out of stainless steel and is remarkably durable. This makes it a joy to use and ensures a bit of space is saved due to how it’s set up. If it’s time to clean the dab tool, it can quickly be removed and cleaned. You want to know more about different dab pens check out our amazing dab pen guide here!

While other vape pens make it necessary to purchase a separate variation, this is a lot simpler and straight to the point. The Nova LXE offers a standard atomiser, which is the ceramic version. The atomiser is deep and offers more than enough space for wax concentrates while working well with the built-in dab tool.

When it comes to overall portability, this isn’t an issue with the average vape pen nor is it a problem here with the Nova LXE. It is set at approximately 4″ tall and has a sleek design. This means it can fit into almost any pocket and doesn’t get in the way of a person’s daily routine.

Grenco Science G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer Pen

General Maintenance

With the Noval LXE, the cleaning process is as simple as it needs to be even with the built-in dab tool. This tool comes out easily and all it takes is a simple cotton swab to keep it in good condition year-round. Use a bit of isopropyl alcohol and it will stay as clean as needed. As for the ceramic atomiser, it can be cleaned using the same materials. If it is a bit too messy then it’s time to use a burn off for the process. This means setting it at the highest voltage to allow the residue to melt away on its own.

G Pen Nova vs G Pen Nova LXE

With the Nova LXE, it has been upgraded in comparison to the traditional G Pen Nova. The original version came with a simple dual-use vaporiser, which means it was designed to vape dry herb but the new version focuses on wax concentrates. This is a major difference between the two vape pens but the real differences are seen inside the units. The Nova Pen LXE comes with a built-in dab tool, which the original doesn’t include in the design. The overall build is also stronger with the newer G Pen Nova LXE as it comes in a stainless steel design compared to the original’s silicon.

Another difference would be the Nova LXE’s larger battery. It comes in at a strong 650 mAh and is twice as strong as its predecessor. This is incredible for those who want something more powerful and consistent. The newer version also offers a stronger airflow, which is needed when it comes time to draw.

nova LXE

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How to Use

To use the Nova LXE properly, it’s best to follow these steps:

* Set aside the mouthpiece and separate it from the battery (unscrew the dab tool too)
* Take the dab tool and place wax concentrate into the atomiser
* Reset the dab tool along with the mouthpiece and make sure it is properly in place
* Set up the power button and press it five times
* Once the device is on, press the power button three times to choose a specific voltage setting
* As the vape pen heats up, start using the device

Overall Performance

Due to the high-grade dab tool, it’s easy to set things up and the atomiser is incredibly efficient leading to a flavourful vaping experience.  When you use it you would be reminded of the Kandypens Miva 2 Vaporizer actually.

The vapor quality is out of this world and is as aromatic as it can be due to the brand-new ceramic atomiser. The atomiser can ensure the vapor remains pure throughout the experience as soon as the vape pen heats up. All it takes is the middle voltage setting to get this type of result, however, the other settings are incredible too.

With the highest setting, the user will notice a significant increase in cloud size. This is something the Nova LXE does well due to its ceramic atomiser. Studies show these atomisers are known to work well for both flavour and cloud production while maintaining great airflow at the same time.

For those looking to use 510 cartridges, this vape pen is more than enough to get the job done. It is going to deliver great results when it comes to the flavour and remains versatile at the same time.

The battery is set at 650 mAh making it ideal for days at a time without becoming an issue.

Final Thoughts

The Nova LXE is an incredible option and far better than its predecessor. The built-in dab tool and overall cloud production are simply impressive and something that sets it apart from the dual-use option that came before it. The Nova LXE is a top-tier option for beginners and experienced users.
This is an ideal investment for those wanting a meaningful, high-grade vape pen to use with cartridges and concentrates. However, it is not a good fit for those who want more atomiser options.

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