Firefly 2 Plus Portable Vaporizer

Launched in 2016, the Firefly 2 Vaporizer was an immediate attention-grabber. Gone were the days of a bloated, inefficient predecessor. Instead, it was time to look at a new design with a sleeker, more refined finish. At the time, it was a step in the right direction towards quality cannabis consumption. However, since then the industry has evolved. Enthusiasts are starting to fall in love with edibles and high-powered concentrates. Does this mean it’s over for those producing dry herb vapes? Is there enough space for them to do well? This is where the Firefly 2+ comes into the picture illustrating dry herb vapes still matter.

Original Firefly 2 Comparision

With the Firefly 2+, it’s all about delivering on everything its predecessor couldn’t and then some. Coming in at a nearly budget-friendly £229, this is far cheaper than the original and, at last, competitively priced compared to others in the market (Pax 3). Firefly has also taken the time to focus on feature-based improvements such as easier airflow. This demonstrates their emphasis on launching an improved solution.

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To break things down from a hardware perspective, the Firefly 2 and 2+ are similar. With the Firefly 2+, there is a focus on offering a longer, sleeker-looking design, which is only an inch tall. It comes with an aesthetically pleasing magnesium alloy design and weighs less than 150 g. This illustrates how the Firefly 2+ is not only better-looking but also lighter when being carried from place to place in your pocket or bag. As with the original, it comes in a wide array of colours.

The Firefly 2+ uses the same battery as the original version (770mAh Lithium-Ion). The real difference in performance is seen through the programmed firmware, which is able to extract more value out of the same battery leading to an overall improvement in performance. This includes how well the unit is powered and how long it lasts between charges. If you have a Firefly 2 you can use its battery as a spare for the 2+.

Battery Details

How long does it last between charges? This is going to vary from person to person depending on how the unit is used and how the bowl is packed. For the average person, it is going to end up offering up to at least 6 bowls set at 380° F (or around 193° C). This is around the time when it has to be recharged. The 2+ is remarkably quick to recharge. It is able to get back to 100 % within 60 minutes and up to 80 % within 30 minutes. Some may even try to get a single bowl in with a 15-minute charge.


The Firefly 2+ does have certain issues to keep in mind, which have continued on from the original version. This includes the tiresome loading process including having to take off the magnetic cover, add the herb into the glass bowl, clean out the additional bits of herb, replacing the cover, and finally pressing the buttons to begin heating everything up. This is an extensive process and has to be done right for maximum airflow.

It also takes time to optimise everything. Users have to take a few draws, fiddle with the cover, stir the bowl, and see whether or not it is getting in the way of the airflow. This is time-consuming and it is not easy to deal with in an outdoor setting. While cleaning doesn’t take a long time and is simple enough, it has to be done the right way using alcohol wipes (sometimes multiple wipes).

For those using wax concentrates, it doesn’t take as long to set things up. All the user has to do is pop in steel wool disc, pop in the concentrate, and replace the cover. Once this is done, heat it up to 500° F, take a few quick puffs to let the concentrate melt and then enjoy to your heart’s content. The vaporizer quality is a hell of a lot better than the original Firefly vaporizer.

While it does take a long time to set up, the 2+ is still among the fastest units on the market right now. It takes no more than three seconds to get up to speed for vaping. It also doesn’t take long to cool down in a bid to save some of the material that’s present. It’s all about optimising the process and making sure everything is conserved until it’s used.

The benefit of doing this is knowing each hit can be adjusted using draw speed and temperature. The 2+ is a traditional convection vape, which means it continues to heat from beginning to conclusion. Those who continue to draw will notice the bowl get warmer in comparison to those who take smaller puffs. There’s a certain level of customisation to the experience based on how the draw is.

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Users can fiddle around with the temperature range using Firefly’s iOS/Android app. This ensures they are able to control everything using 20-degree increments.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press the right button (hold it for a few seconds)
  • Tap the left button (3 times rapidly) and keep holding the right button at the same time
  • The “temperature setting” mode will now be initiated
  • Allow the LED light to blink as this tells you what the current temperature is
  • Tap the left button as many times until you are happy with the current temperature.
  • Users can also use their associated app to make these changes down to 10-degree increments.

Using the app is great as it is able to offer far more customisation and is ideal for those who want a certain experience. The app offers detailed information on different settings and also highlights how much battery is left with the current charge. It can also help calibrate the unit and make sure it’s working as intended. There are accompanying videos with the app to help those who want assistance.

It’s important to note Firefly has taken the time to design a world-class app and doesn’t pry away at a person’s personal data. There is a comprehensive privacy policy in place to make sure this is the case and the company stands by its app in this regard. They continue to make sure everything is done towards making the unit stronger and customisable through the app.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the Firefly 2+ is a great fit for everyone. Anyone that deals with asthma or breathing-related issues may not want to vape using something like this. They may be better off using topical remedies, edibles, and/or sublinguals. Vape users that want to enjoy top-grade cloud production also shouldn’t focus on this product.

Yes, the cloud production is decent when the temperature is turned up but that’s not the company’s intention. They want to make it a more cosy, full-service solution that works well with the compounds. It’s all about getting something that works well for the user and remains consistent as the temperature is adjusted.

As a whole, the 2+ is a world-class addition to the company’s line of products and does compete well against the Pax 3 Vaporizer. While the market continues to look towards concentrates and edibles, this is a worthwhile addition that could change things up.

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