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One of the problems with owning a glass-on-glass (GoG) vaporizer is that occasionally pieces get broken.

After having broken one of my Extreme Q Cyclone Bowls, I decided to order a Tuff Bowl and give it a try. The Tuff Bowl is an official Arizer part developed to fit both the Extreme Q and V-Tower. It is a glass cyclone bowl coated with a durable teflon material which is designed to prevent cracks and shattering during use.

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After I received my Tuff Bowl, I decided to put it through a basic drop test. Starting at a drop distance of 2 feet, I let the tuff bowl fall on to a hard wood floor (from a horizontal starting position). After falling, the bowl rolled harmlessly and sustained no damage. Next, I dropped it at a height of 4 feet, and much to my surprise it remained intact (at this height, a regular Cyclone Bowl would shatter into pieces), and sustained no damage. The teflon coating also makes the Tuff Bowl easy to grab on to without worrying about slippages (which comes in handy if you try holding the bowl when its fairly hot).

Arizer Tuff Bowl - VaporBlog



Overall, I feel that the Tuff Bowl makes for a great Cyclone Bowl replacement, and it really gives you piece of mind in the event the bowl falls. I really hope that Arizer works on developing a tuff elbow next, as the regular Extreme Q elbow can break  if accidentally dropped. The Tuff Bowl also comes with a screen to allow you to get started with it right away.

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