iStick 50 Watt & Aspire Atlantis; my usual setup for vaping cannabis e-liquid

Over the past few years, cannabis vaporization has exploded in popularity, enjoyed by numerous celebrities (even fictional ones!) as well as acknowledged by doctors as being a safer alternative to combustion. When I started my vaping career in 2009, almost all the major cannabis vaporizers brands could only handle loose leaf. However, with more and more places around the world moving towards progressive cannabis legal reforms, I’ve noticed an upswing in emails from visitors asking about how to make your very own cannabis e-juice. Although my guide goes into detail about how to make your own potent weed e-juice, it doesn’t really talk about the best way to vaporize it, and since cannabis e-juice is much more expensive than nicotine e-liquid per mL, you’ll definitely want to make the most out of your stash.

Left: New Atlantis atomizer, center: After 5mLs of e-liquid, right: 10mLs of e-liquid

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that even if your marijuana e-juice is made with vacuum purged oil, it will still clog up an atomizer much faster than nicotine e-juice, and this is a highly important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a personal vaporizer (PV) for use with liquids. The following photos show several Aspire Atlantis atomizers that I’ve put to varying amounts of use, as well as a fresh atomizer for comparison:

Although coils do need to be replaced from time to time, when your cannabis e-liquids begin to clog or taste ‘off’ its usually the wicking material which needs replacing. For best results, I recommend using either a dripper system, or a tank with a rebuildable atomizer and replace your wicks every 5-7mLs of juice that you go through. Although this seems like a low amount of juice to swap out wicks at, remember that it produces a much stronger effect than nicotine e-liquid, so you’ll use a lot less liquid than you would otherwise!

Fresh, 5mL, and 10mL atomizers

For those seeking the ultimate in taste and longevity, I’ve noticed that dripper style rebuildable atomizers (such as the Hobo RDA) produce a thick amount of vapor while allowing you to easily replace the wicking material (or coils) whenever you feel that your experience is starting to degrade. Although drippers can be great for getting tasty, potent hits of cannabis liquid, their downside is that they can be difficult to take with you on the go, and you’ll need to constantly be dripping throughout the day. You’ll also need to have some experience with rebuilding coils as you can’t buy any ready made ones.

Personally, I like being able to use my liquids while I’m on the go, and this makes tanks the ideal option for me. If you go this route, I highly recommend purchasing a tank which has both a large wicking capacity as well as the ability to rebuild your own coils and replace the wicking material. When vaping with an Atlantis tank, I usually set my iStick to 21-23 watts (which is on the lower side of the Atlantis’ operating range), and this produces a solid amount of vapor without any burnt taste. As you can see in the photo to the right, the Aspire Atlantis has a much higher wicking capacity than the Aspire Nautilus, and this makes a pretty big difference when it comes to how effectively your liquid gets vaporized. Aside from the Atlantis, I’ve also heard great things about the Kanger Subtank, and imagine that it would also work quite well with most forms of cannabis e-liquid. Because cannabis e-liquid is light sensitive, try to keep your tank out of any direct sunlight, and I recommend filling it up enough so that you have 2-3 days worth of juice inside and not much more (this will prevent the potency from degrading as fast). One upside to tank systems is that aside from building your own coils you can purchase replacements which will clog less easily than smaller systems.

The large wicking holes on the Atlantis are much better than the Nautilus’ for cannabis liquids.

Since e-liquid produces no smell, can be combined with flavors, and delivers a potent dose when you need it most, e-liquid has quickly become one of my favorite ways to consume cannabis while I’m on the go! Lately I’ve been having good results using a Kanger Subtank. If you have any tips or suggestions for vaping cannabis e-liquids, be sure to leave a note in the comments!

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  1. Hi I was wondering if you had any recommendations on where I could possibly buy some cannabis e liquid that isn’t ridiculously expensive. I have a 30 watt iStick but no way of making the liquid myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Chris this post is for you. Number one purchase a gram or more of your favorite wax or shatter. Number two purchase a product called “vapeur extract” go to web site and pick a kind there are a few to choose from. Number three place concentrate into a glass jar,apply 3:1 ratio of vapeur extract to your wax add heat, no more then 120degrees, wait till it marries and becomes viscous. Wallaahh, you’re done. Your own vapable e juice. Hope this helps. If you live in a state where medical cannabis isn’t available then ask your nearest dealer where to pick up some wax! And you can also tone down the juice by adding a flavor, or some cbd vape juice. “Ganja juice” puts out awesome thc free flavors but still packed with terp flavor, So it mixes well. and it still tastes like cannabis. Happy vaping

  2. Great article but I have a question. I’ve noticed that after swapping from cigarettes to ecigs, the lows are totally gone. The nicotine high is consistent throughout the day and I absolutely never have cravings, unless I’m away from it for ~2-3 hours.
    I worry (sort of worry, sort of curiosity) about the potential for the same effect with THC juice. Would this not have the potential to keep someone high 24 hours a day off of what is typically 2 joints?

  3. I used kanger protank II with adjustable ventilating base for a while, because it is easy to clean, and I could swap atomizers easily without eptying the tank. The ~2.5 ml capacity turned out enough for me for 1-2 days at least and it was easy to rebuild the atomizers. But I switched now to a temp controlled mod with ego mega tank. While it has bigger capacity, it turned out to be less useful, because I consume more liquid with it if using cotton wick. I bought rebuildable atomizers and I could make it with titanium wire (I use ti over nickel because of its higher resistance and less poisonous oxides) and fiber wick and it now consumes less liquid. The fiber wick seems better because it absorbs less liquid (the liquid is always the most valuable to save because of the costs even for a drop) and it is easier to reproduce the same atomizer build. I use 30%pg 70vg liquid, and when the tank gets empty (because of the negative pressure drop inside) it start leak and gurgling, so there is always a min. amount of liquid required to be in the tank. With the fiber wick I could manage the density of the wick to minimize this effect and be able to empty the tank by wape it all and using temp control I don’t have burn hits at all. More over the fiber wick is more resistant to heat so I also don’t bother with decarboxylation. Other effect I found is that as the wick gets dirty over time it colors the liquid to be darker and darker over time, so it is better to change the atomizer often and fully empty the tank every week or so.
    I’m experiencing with the ego one mega tank now with 4x2mm fiber wick and 9-10 wraps of 0.29mm grd 1 titanium wire (~0.75 ohm). The wire is so springy that I wrap it as tight as possible from two directions and try to pull its ends while inserting into the clr base.
    But I’m still looking for an ideal tank that fulfill my requirements:
    – Leak proof
    – rebuildable and interchangeable atomizer heads (to bring pre builded heads with me and do not need tools for change the atomizer coil/wick)
    – easy to take apart for cleaning
    – preferably have shell on the glass (or darkened glass) to minimize light exposure, but possible to see the amount of liquid left
    – small height, max 22mm wide
    – adjustable airflow
    – subohm capable (for TC)

    The best tanks I found so far by spec:
    – Uwell crown: top fill, easy to clean, has rba heads, but tall and lack of shell or darkened glass, but I heard it is leakproof
    – Ego one and ego one mega:
    Can’t take apart the tank and venting base, but have clr head option that you can build with cotton or fiber wick, has shell, small size. I read about not being leakproof but I’m researching a good clr build for that.
    – still in game, the kanger protank 2, because I could rebuild its atomizer with Ti wire, you can get darker glass for it, and use adjustable ventilating base, but it is still too tall and bit difficult to build the coils

      1. The “griffin” by geekvape best rebuilable tank atomizer hands down! Just have to use less cotton when wicking due to high viscosity. Happy gaping
        Or the “moonshot” by sigelei, but this tank is not for beginners due to micro size and coil setup. But is bad ass none the less.

  4. Hi I made my own cannabis e-liquid yesterday and I’ve been using the Nautilus mini. I read your article and considering to move to the Atlantis. I don’t seem you be getting the nicest taste and does it get you more high using the Atlantis

    1. The Nautilus Mini tends to clog easily, so you might be getting a buildup of concentrate causing a funny taste. An Atlantis allows you to take bigger hits with less clogging, resulting in a stronger high since more liquid is vaporized.

  5. I have thick cannabis oil gold,can I put a little drop of lemon hemp oil in it to make the taste better for vaping?
    I apriciate your replyThanks

    1. I have been researching several different products for making my cannabis infused e liquid & would definitely be interested in trying out your product & review it. if this offer is still open, just let me know. thank you for your time.

    2. I’m very interested in the DIY e liquid.I have an experiment I want to try that might fix the clogging of coils and that’s to go to some of the poris full ceramic coils that a couple company’s now have . With virtually no wick and the ability to cook them clean I think it could be the best option. I have been obsessed with trying to do this experiment. So any help or feed back would be nice !

  6. I recently made some oil and am eager to check it out. I have an eleaf istick 60w. My question is, can I add the oil on the device so that is what hits first–so that I can see if it works? If not, does anyone have any suggestions other than buying new equipment?

  7. Aspire Cleito is by far the best tank for cannabis e liquid.. biggest atomizer heads you can get and superb airflow for big hits.

  8. Is there a recommend wattage for cannabis oil. I heard as low as 4 watts. Barely anything is coming through. I was told it’s possible to burn the oil.

    1. you can vape cannabis oil basically at any rate of wattage,I found that any higher then 60 watts gives a hotter hit,but have to pull a little faster to cool the coils. 35-45 watts is sufficient. If you hold your trigger button down too long you def. Risk combustion. Just don’t run your coils too hot,and you can vape whatever wattage you prefer. Hope this helps. I def. Recommend a vape mod and rebuildable atomizer. They have some really nice mini sized units out there, and griffin makes the perfect reb. Atomizer. Just read and learn before purchasing. Happy vaping

  9. I have been in this class for 2 months trying different methods. 1. No shitty weed. swag and other crap your boy tells you is good will not work. medical grade is the ticket. my best method is grind bud to a powder, place in jar, cover with a 30pg/70vg juice. place in slow cooker or mini crockpot at around 150-180 deg F. cook for 2 hour. cool. cook for another 2 hrs, cool. warm up and strain the slop through wire mesh (reusable coffee maker filter or Kcup). let liquid cool down, put that in ur tank and vape it. get stupid. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DECARB THE WEED IF YOU VAPE IT. only if you want to eat it. if you do use decarb bud (AVB) then you get more body pain killing effect and not get high. 0.5 rba coil set to 30 watts will cook it off just nice and there you go. low watts wont get it good enough to relly feel the goodness. you might like the flavor but you can try adding flav to the mix.

    1. TX828,

      After a lot of tests, I have nearly the same receipt as you. I just cook 3 x 2h (= 6h) with cooling the juice in a fridge box with ice between every steps.

      Something INTERESTING I found is juice has really a better taste after 3 months in the fridge. And also I find the effect is stronger (perhaps just in my head…).

      I use the UD Zephyrus tank with dual coil 0.5 ohm RBA @ 25 – 30 watts.

      ==> A lot more efficient with Pre Coils quad Twisted !!

  10. Hi

    Great article and thank you for posting.

    I use istick pico (75w i use my normal ejuice at 30 to 40 watts) with a mello3 sub ohm tank, 0.5 ec coils and I have the new icare by eleaf, which is 15W max and 1.1ohm Head.

    Which one would be recommended to use Cannabis E-Liquid? I want to avoid burning out and clogging the coils.



  11. Hi, I am wondering if it’s possible to vape with a “normal” tank? I just vape eliquid in my little bottom coil evod. I don’t know anything about sub ohms etc. I have a regular little kanger tank too if that’s better, but I’m thinking the low temp might be a problem? Tia

  12. I do the cold alcohol extraction method. Much faster and I get a cleaner liquid. I can vape 20-24 ml of my liquid with one build.
    – Take more than 300 ml 96% ethanol for ~20g weed
    – Grind bud to powder and pour into a small jar (avoid sharp stem pieces because these may damage the filter in filtering steps)
    – Take the jar, two glass cup, a funnel, 3-4 coffee filter and a long spoon and put ALL these stuff into the freezer (pref. under -20C)
    – wait for a few hours to let the things cool down properly
    – pour the cold alcohol onto the weed powder till it just covers it up (about 150-200 ml)
    – shake/mix it for a few sec then put all the things back to freezer
    – wait 1 min, then shake/mix again
    – wait for other min then pour the mixture into the cold funnel (the cup with the funnel and filter should be preset)
    – let the filtering happen inside the cold freezer for 2-5 min
    – then help the filtering by stirring it up with the spoon and let it there for a few other minutes till the most liquid is filtered (it should be a clean light yellow liquid)
    do not let any particle into the filtered liquid!
    – pour some more alcohol into the funnel and stir it a little with the spoon.
    – let this second “wash” filter for an other 2-3 minutes. This helps achieve better extraction percentage.
    – take the funnel to the other cup.
    – take other 1-2 coffee filter and use them to wring all liquid out from the weed (still don’t let visible particles fall into the filtered liquid)
    (due to the pressure, the heat from your hand, and time elapsed this liquid will be darker and green) I will call this the grungy juice.
    – let both cups warm up slowly to room temperature
    – depending on the amount of grungy juice you can save it into a glass bottle for later use or do the same as with the filtered yellow juice
    – pour some PG/VG (I use 30pg/70vg) into the cup as you prefer the concentration of the final eliquid (I used to add 2-3x the gramms of weed in ml, e.g. 50ml for 20g)
    – evaporate the alcohol from the liquid while stirring it frequently
    be aware of the flammable vapor and open window for a well ventilated place! It is easy to get drunk by inhaling ethanol, do not drive after this process for a while 😉
    (I use water bed to keep it just under 100 C and using usb vent to speed up the process)
    – when the liquid does not loose more volume then the alcohol is mostly evaporated (the liquid will start to get cloudy and obscure I think this is because the PG/VG cant solve thc well)
    – let the liquid cool down slowly and wait for some oil collecting on its surface
    – put the glass back to the freezer and wait for the oily layer to freeze
    – use a siring to get the liquid under this brown layer and store it in dark place (pref. in darkened glass) for use
    – I let it settle for a few weeks while the bottom of the liquid will get cleaner and on the top some more oil will precipitate, so I always use a syringe to access the bottom of the bottle
    – you can add aroma, dilute with PG / VG, H2O add 1-5% ethanol for mor efficient inhalations … use as a diy eliquid base

    I usually dilute to have a 0.25g bud per ml ratio with 65% VG, 25% PG, 5% ethanol and 5% aroma depending on the actual taste
    I use 6-8 wraps of 0.3-0.4 mm SS wire on 3mm base. That came up to ~0.75 ohm and I use TC around 220C with cotton.
    This turns out to be 30-40 puff/ml with avg. 3sec puff duration.
    I just switched to Ultimo tank with rba head.
    I also used triton 2 and melo III mini with clr heads, but the ss wire with temp control around 0.7 ohm seems to be a sweet spot for me in all these tanks.

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