Have you ever wondered what cannabis looks like when its being vaporized? I definitely have, and so I was excited when I came across the following video on Instagram last night which documents the process with a close up camera. I certainly found it to be an interesting watch, especially how it demonstrates that vaping is not combustion as we clearly see that no plant matter ever combusts during the process. As vaporization continues to evolve, I hope more and more information is gathered and in-depth research performed on vaporization and how to achieve the best possible user experience. For the curious, the video uses an MFLB in combination with some tasty looking Lemon Haze sativa.

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 The next video demonstrates what the combustion process looks like, and as you can see its quite nasty in comparison to vaporization!

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In comparing these two videos, I must say that I’m glad I made the switch to vaping, and I hope that I can help convince others to make the switch by continuing to post helpful guides and thorough vaporizer reviews here on VaporBlog. On a sidenote, I’m just putting the finishing touches on my review of EpicVape’s E-Nano (a log vaporizer which I’ve heard great things about), so make sure to check back later this week to hear my thoughts on it!

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  1. Mr. Vape,
    I read you listed extraction methods, with 2grams of marijuana yielding about 1, maybe 2ml of E-liquid. I have the Atlantis atomizer. This chamber easily holds 4-5 ml of vape. Obviously I can use more than 2grams of marijuana to yield a greater volume, but what is the half-life (shelf-life) of the liquid as one may not be a chronic habitual smoker/vaporizer user? For example, a quarter may last easily 3-4 months with regular smoking use. And how would you recommend storing the E-liquid as probably at least 2 ml or more will be needed to adequately fill the atomizer chamber. Thanks for the help!

  2. Thank you for sharing this great visualization of the difference between vaporizing and smoking. I am currently in the process of switching over to vaporizing only, and I have to say, comparing the two up close like that is a great motivator! Yah vole! So thanks for sharing.

    Currently using a first generation Pax, but shopping for a replacement with an all glass vapor path. Comparing the Davinci Ascent with Ariser Solo now, checking out online reviews. I think Vapir has a new portable digital vaporizer out too. I saw one at a trade show recently. Glad I found your website, bookmarked! Cheers 🙂

    1. Check out haze it’s a duel vaporizor that’s let’s you do dry herb + e-liquids + just about anything you can thanks to the different chamber containers

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