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No matter what type of marijuana vaporizer you have, there’s certain things that you can do to ensure that you have the best possible vaporizing experience.

Using the following tips can help you get the most out of your marijuana vaporizer.

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  •  First off, always make sure to grind your marijuana before inserting it into your vaporizer. Vaporizers are most efficient when there is a large surface area of herb covered, so grinders can make a huge difference. My personal favorite is the Chromium Crusher, because it contains 3 chambers. One chamber grinds, the next holders your herb, and the final contains a kief catcher which allows you to collect kief relatively easily. You can put this kief on top of some herb in your vaporizer, and it is quite potent!
  • Secondly, always ensure that your vaporizer is properly and thoroughly cleaned from time to time. I’ve had a number of instances in which both my VaporGenie and Extreme Q have suffered from degraded performance due to a lack of maintenance on my part. If you have and Extreme Q Vaporizer, you can follow the maintenance guide I’ve written here. I plan to write a few additional guides for other vaporizers in the near future.
  • Finally, make sure to find the ideal temperature for you. If you’re using a marijuana vaporizer with an accurate temperature gauge, experiment a bit with the temperature setting in order to find the idea temperature for you. In my experience, the optimal vaporization temperature range is between 180-225C. I find that there is slightly different effect at higher and lower temperatures (cerebral vs body high). Also, some marijuana strains vaporize better at different temperatures, so see what works for you.


If you have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments section of the blog!

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  1. Always use Marijuana vaporizer with an accurate temperature gauge and for better performance be ensured that vaporizer is properly cleaned from time to time.

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