Since I enjoy vaporizing mainly because of the health benefits, I decided to do a little pseudo-experiment to compare just how much tar gets produced by a vaporizer versus other means of smoking. For this experiment, I decided to use my trusty Extreme Q and small bong with a 14mm downstem. Starting with the bong, I took 5 decent sized hits (the size of my bowl) and then exhaled into a paper towel. Afterwards, I took 5 Extreme Q hits and exhaled into the same paper towel. The results are shown in the photo below:

Note the difference
Note the difference

As you can see, the vaporizer produced no visible buildup, whereas the bong produced a very dark and tarry color. For someone who uses cannabis fairly often, this tar can build up in your lungs as well as irritate your throat. I expect a joint would produce even more tar as it isn’t filtered at all. I also enjoy mixing vaporizers and exercise (as I mentioned in this post) because I notice that vaporizers keep my breathing clear while I’m performing intense workouts. You can also take a look at this vaporizer study by NORML/MAPS which provides research that shows vaporizers can be a healthier alternative to combustion.

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  1. I’ve had my vape for about ~4 months and it didn’t take more then 2-3 weeks before I felt health benefits. Not only did I lower my daily consumption from 1.5g/day to ~0.5g/day and remain as stoned as ever, I could also feel how much easier it was for my lungs to oxygenate my blood.

    Best investment of my life!

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    1. As I said, this is a pseudo-experiment designed to show the difference of exhaling smoke and vapor. I know that my lungs feel better inhaling and exhaling vapor, and many of my friends on sports teams have made the switch after they try one of my vapes.

      You can also take a look at this MAPS/NORML vaporizer study, as it contains evidence backing up my claims that vaporizers are a better choice for the health conscious:

  3. I concur to this. Was as bit skeptical as to the amount of bong residue but in comparison to my little experiment, I can certainly attest to the credibility of this. The first month was the hardest when I made the switch to vaporizing but once you make it past that point, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. Your lungs and health in general will thank you.

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