One of the many trending vaporizer queries
One of the many trending vaporizer queries on Google

With many states within the US and around the world relaxing their laws regarding marijuana consumption, weed vaporizers have exploded in popularity during the past year with both recreational and medical marijuana users becoming interested in Vaporization as a healthy and efficient means by which to enjoy cannabis. Although the surge in popularity has been drastic lately, I definitely feel that weed vaporizers transcend beyond merely being a fad and should be regarded as being a highly useful tool for all consumers.

Firstly, it has been proven that vaporization is much healthier than combustion (see my proof here). Although there is no evidence that marijuana causes lung cancer, the combustion of any plant material produces tar and ash which can build up over time and lead to complications such as COPD. Devoid of the byproducts of combustion, vaporization produces a clean high with various effects that you can control. This quality makes vaporizers especially attractive to medical marijuana patients, as many doctors widely regard vaporizers as a healthy and efficient medication delivery method.

The Ascent portable, one of my favorites

Secondly, Vaporizers are incredibly efficient in comparison to smoking. When you smoke a joint, nearly half of the active components in your weed are lost as the joint burns while you aren’t smoking. For people like me on a budget, vaporizers enable you to stretch out your stash for much longer while getting higher than I would smoking. With whip style vaporizers, you can pack a bowl and casually take tokes from it throughout the day without having to stop what you’re doing, roll a joint, and then take the time to smoke it. After experimenting with my vaporizers, several of my friends have purchased their own and have seen the investment pay itself off within a short period of time thanks to reduced consumption.

Furthermore, I find that vaporization more closely resembles the effects of smoking rather than edibles (which I prefer). Edibles can be hard to dose and very long lasting, whereas you can take only a few puffs on your vape if you only want a little buzz, or have a longer session in which you get quite stoned. If you’ve heard about vaporization but have yet to try a vaporizer, I highly recommend taking a look at my vaporizer reviews here on Vaporblog to find something appropriate within your price range. I promise you that you won’t look back!

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