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Fall has slowly been creeping up on us here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I have recently fallen victim to my first cold of the season.

Although it hasn’t been fun to be stuck inside blowing my nose and coughing for the weekend, thanks to owning several high quality cannabis vaporizers, I’m able to help lessen my symptoms while still being able to relax and enjoy myself a little.

Prior to getting a vaporizer, I would always try to avoid smoking cannabis when I was sick. Bongs and joints would irritate my throat, and only served to make my nose even stuffier and my cough worse. Although some people may turn to edibles instead, I find that edibles make me too sleepy and I feel that it is hard to control the dose with them.

Could Vaping Help?

Vaporization however, gives me the best of both worlds. Because vaporizing cannabis doesn’t produce irritating smoke or tar, I find that I can easily enjoy vaping with a cold, and sometimes it even helps to lessen my symptoms. Keep in mind that the THC in cannabis acts as an expectorant, and can help to loosen phelgm and ease cough symptoms. I also find that it helps to relieve sinus pressure and the stuffy nose associated with most colds. Cannabis also helps to stimulate my appetite, and since I generally lose my appetite when I have a cold, I can eat more and help my body to fight the infection after vaporizing.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m sick is to load a vaporizer, brew a warm cup of tea, and then curl up with a good book. Also remember to clean your vaporizer (and room) thoroughly after you begin to feel better! Don’t forget to check out the guides section here which contains vaporizer cleaning instructions and other helpful info.