Smoking vs Vaping
Smoking vs Vaping

For the past two years I have been following a rigorous exercise plan and have been working on increasing muscle mass while trying to live a healthy lifestyle in general. My efforts have been paying off so far, and I have put on about 45 lbs of muscle during this period (going from a thin 138lbs to a more solid 180). Aside from eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis, I now vape almost exclusively for a number of health reasons.

The first and foremost benefit of vaporizing instead of smoking is that you’re inhaling vapor as opposed to smoke. Without all the irritants found in regular smoke, vapor is easier on your lungs and is less likely to make you feel out of breath during intense exercise. After making the switch from smoking to vaporizing, I noticed that I was no longer short of breath during workout sessions and I no longer would wake up with a morning cough if I smoked heavily the night before going to bed.

Not only are vaporizers better for your cardiovascular system (since you aren’t inhaling tar and smoke), but they can also produce a more energetic high compared to smoking (thanks to accurate temperature controls). Using my post on vaporization effects by temperature as a guide, I recommend playing around with temperatures on the lower end of the vaporization spectrum if you’d like to vape prior to working out. dumbellsUsing a lower temperature setting on your vaporizer will release THC (a stimulant) but lesser amounts of CBDs (which gives you a more relaxed couch-lock feeling) than smoking cannabis would. I find exercising after a few puffs on a vaporizer results in a more intense workout without the ‘burnt-out’ feeling that can be had from smoking. Furthermore, if you like to smoke post-workout, I recommend vaping at higher temperatures in order to stimulate the release of CBDs which can help decrease the feeling of soreness from an intense workout.

Because exercise stimulates the endocannabinoid system, I feel that the combination of vaping and exercising produces a much more satisfying high than just exercise (or cannabis) alone. When I vape at lower temperatures, I often find myself in an energetic state in which activities such as weightlifting, jogging, and various other sports become appealing and feel extremely satisfying to participate in.

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