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One of the most common questions that people ask me about herbal vaporizers, is do they actually conserve cannabis?

Many people see the relatively high initial costs of purchasing a vaporizer, and feel that continuing to smoke cannabis is the cheaper method. However, in my experience this is wrong.

Although vaporizers are more expensive upfront, they save you quite a lot money in the long run depending on your smoking habits. When I fill my Extreme Q Cyclone bowl, I use about 0.5 grams of cannabis, which gets me either two bags full of vapor, or about 40 puffs on a whip. In comparison, a typical joint will only last me 8 minutes and will use about 2 grams of marijuana. If you’re a frequent smoker, then this difference can really add up over time. After buying my first vaporizer, my consumption went from an eigth every 5 days to an eigth every two weeks.

Also keep in mind that different types of vaporizers also use different amounts of cannabis. For example, my VaporGenie only uses about .3 grams of cannabis per bowl, as does the MFLB. Electric vaporizers tend to use slightly more, around .5-.75 grams. However, in my experience, electric vaporizers are able to get hotter than portable vapes, and can produce more vapor. If you own both a portable and electric vaporizer, then I recommend saving your portable’s already vaped bud (AVB) and re-vaporize it at a higher temperature with your electric vape (on my Extreme Q, I like to do a second vape at 255-260C. Despite their differences, both portable and electric marijuana vaporizers will conserve herb much better than smoking will.

Another benefit of marijuana vaporizers is the ability to save vaporized bud and use it for other uses. For example, you can use AVB to make edibles or isohash. Simply use more (2-3X) AVB than you would using high quality non-vaped herb. A good rule of thumb is to use double to amount of AVB than you would normal cannabis.

Vaporizers also offer a range of health benefits over smoking marijuana, and some vaporizers allow you to precisely control the temperature to more effectively to release certain types of cannabinoids, which can have quite different effects.