Recently, I reviewed the Pax 2 here on VaporBlog and concluded that it offers great improvements over the first generation Pax, loving how its a sleek yet discreet vape. Although the Pax 2 is a great vaporizer, it does have a few small areas which could benefit from some improvement. In this guide I’ll be reviewing two of my favorite products, the Pax Pusher anfd Vented Oven lid from NewVape who manufactures a series of accessories designed to improve your Pax vaporization experience.

The Pax Pusher fully extended
The Pax Pusher fully extended

Pax Pusher

Since the Pax 2 performs best when the bowl is packed fairly tight, light vapers who find themselves wanting to vape half a bowl or less may find themselves in a bit of a pickle, but fortunately, this is exactly what the Pax Pusher aims to solve. Manufactured in the USA from medical grade stainless steel, the Pax Pusher is a small accessory which fits inside your Pax 2 bowl and acts as a spacer so that you can efficiently vape less than half a bowl. Using the Pusher is super easy, simply adjust the amount of spacing (via the small knob on the bottom) and then insert the Pusher (flat side first) into your Pax 2’s heat chamber. However, one thing to be careful of while using the Pusher is that adjustment screw can separate from the Pusher when fully unscrewed, so be careful not loosen it too much! Moreover, I recommend cleaning your Pusher from time to time by using a cloth and some rubbing alcohol.

The Vented Oven Lid
The Vented Oven Lid

Vented Oven Lid

The second issue I have with the Pax 2 is that I find the draw to be a little tight, even when using finely ground bud. Fortunately, NewVape’s Vented Oven Lid eliminates this problem. With 25 small holes designed to improve airflow (the stock Pax 2 oven has none), using this lid makes taking bigger and better hits much easier. Closely resembling the official Pax 2 oven lid in design (slightly less thick however), the Vented Oven Lid fits perfectly outside the Pax 2’s oven chamber and sits flush. After spending some time testing out both the vented and stock lids, I can definitely say that the vented oven lid makes it much easier to take puffs (as well as bigger ones) compared to the standard lid. Aside from benefiting the average user, I also feel that the vented oven lid makes it much easier for medical marijuana patients to take in greater amounts of medication without having to inhale too hard.

PAX Water Pipe Adapter
PAX Water Pipe Adapter

Water Pipe Adapter

This accessory is inconspicuous yet durable, made out of stainless steel and 3D technology. Use it to connect your favourite bong or water pipe with either the PAX 2 or 3 vaporizers quickly and comfortably. Just put your PAX in the adapter before placing your adapter into the water pie joint, which is the place where you normally find the blowpipe. Water filtration makes inhalation happen on a whole new level, because with the vapour cooling down, you’re able to take longer draws and even make big vapour clouds. The vapour also gets to be extra moist, meaning it won’t dry out your throat or cause irritation to your air passages. The adapter comes in two versions, one male and one female; they respectively fit, as a male and female join with 18- and 14-mm cuts.

PAX Replacement Screen 3D
PAX Replacement Screen 3D

PAX 3D Screen

The PAX 3D Screen is something you have to have if you own either the PAX 2 or 3 vaporizers. It’s an alternative screen you can use rather than the regular one which is just a thin plate of steel and not nearly as sturdy. There are several essential advantages to 3D Screen. Given the multitude of thin grooves, it actually improves airflow, so there is less resistance anytime that you inhale. Also, the 3D screen is nearly indestructible, meaning you can use it for more time than you would regular screens that need replacement every several months. Another crucial benefit is the easy assembly. You only need to flip over your PAX to put the 3D screen into the bottom of its chamber. Once you inhale, just open the chamber lid so the screen can fall out alongside the material. It’s a lot more comfortable, as the standard screen can only be pushed out using a pusher, and that can get complicated sometimes when there is any residual resin still in the chamber. The 3D Screen takes care of this problem, and so cleaning out your PAX is a lot easier.

PAX Multi Tool
PAX Multi Tool

Pax 2 Multi Tool

Do you want the ideal tool for both packing and removing herbal material from the oven of the PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers? If so, the PAX 2/3 Multi Tool should be a part of your collection of accessories. It makes it simple and convenient to firmly pack the chamber or get unwanted plant material out. There’s no longer a need for using foreign objects to do this, since this multi tool was designed just for that very purpose. The PAX 2/3 Multi Tool has no toxic by-products to be produced when you either load or unload the chamber of your vaporizer. It’s also food-grade safe.


Overall, the Pax 2 is a great portable, especially when you use any of the Pusher,Vented Oven Lid, a water pipe adapter, Pax 2 multi tool or the Pax 3D screen. You will be able to puff easier and conserve your cannabis at the same time! All five products are well designed and will last a long time with proper care. Although these accessories are for the Pax 2, NewVape also offers variants for the original Pax as well.

0 thoughts on “Two Must Have Accessories For The Pax 2 [Updated]

  1. When you say, “the Vented Oven Lid fits perfectly outside the Pax 2’s oven chamber and sits flush.” are you referring to the top cover/mouthpiece or the bottom oven lid?

    1. I haven’t noticed any increase in smell my experience as the warm vapor tends to drift upwards through the stem rather than out through the bottom of the vented lid. However, using strong cannabis will generally result in a smell either way, so make sure to keep that in mind when having a vape session.

      Always glad to help!

  2. I find the shortcomings of the New Vape oven lid outweigh its single advantage (increased draw):

    1. NV lid is dimensioned too shallow. Its 1mm reduced depth leads to tar and flower build-up around the edge of the oven. Because of the shallowness, its inner fit into the oven frame is wiggly and not solid. Maybe constructing the lid from two pieces (as on PAX 2) was too costly for NV?

    2. NV lid is finished around the rim with too much of a bevel, leaving an ugly gap with the PAX 2’s frame, unlike the immensely beautiful esthetic of the original, which is virtually flush, with but the tiniest of gap showing between lid and frame.

    3. Considering the hefty price of the NV aftermarket piece ($26 shipped), I find the level of craftsmanship, fit and finish disappointing. In my opinion, if you set out to selling aftermarket parts for the Rolls Royce of vaporizers, you should match its quality in every respect.

    NV, presented with this information, including close-up photos, was dismissive of any criticism, and responded with ” Part is Accurate Measurements” [sic].

    I will look elsewhere for an accessory with PAX 2-level of quality

  3. Ouch. I just ordered a vented lid for my pax. I hope I don’t observe the same shortcomings as exposed above. Should have read this before placing an order. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Jay (above) may have received a defective product.

  4. I love my pax 2, but one issue is the lid can fall off as it has and I lost one already. Does your aftermarket lid come with a stronger magnet as well as added holes? Thanks!

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