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Is it time more people considered using Marijuana Vaporizers?

After a few years of vaporizing, I’ve come to discover that marijuana vaporizers have several clear advantages over traditional smoking methods.

In this post, I’m going to outline some of the pros of using a herbal vaporizer.

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First off, because vaporizers don’t bring marijuana to the point of combustion, they produce no tar, ash or smoke. As a result, vaporizers are much healthier than traditional smoking methods involving combustion. When I began to use a vaporizer, I soon found myself coughing less and breathing easier, and my throat became less irritated after smoking. A 2001 NORML study supports my own experiences, claiming that vaporization of marijuana can bypass several harmful toxins produced from smoke.

Because vaporizers don’t produce any smoke, they do not cause nearly as much smell as smoking marijuana does. As a result, you can easily use your herbal vaporizer indoors without bothering anyone. Smaller vaporizers such as the MFLB or Vaporgenie are portable and stealthy, allowing you to use them in a multitude of locations.

Another great advantage that herbal vaporizers have over other methods of smoking is the amount of marijuana that you save. When I used to roll joints, I could easily use up 1.5 grams per joint. With an Extreme Q vaporizer however, I use just 0.5 grams per bowl and it is extremely efficient. Combined with the whip attachment, you can vaporize a single bowl at your leisure rather than feel obligated to finish it.

As I got used to vaporization, I became to enjoy it more and more until I stopped smoking completely. The health benefits of vaporization far outweigh more conventional methods of smoking marijuana, and using less marijuana per session was very nice!



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