The finished product
The final product!

March 2015 Note: I’ve written a newer article detailing a more advanced extraction method which produces much stronger e-liquid than this method. I recommend you follow that guide instead!

With e-cigarettes exploding in popularity, many people are curious if it is possible to create a cannabis infused e-liquid. Fortunately, the process isn’t that hard, and this recipe can be used to make a cannabis e-liquid that is compatible with most major e-cigarette models.

V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

What You’ll Need

In order to make your own e-liquid, the first step is to acquire the neccesary ingredients, which I’ve listed here:

  • Food Grade Propylene Glycol
  • 5mL Dropper Bottles
  • Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin
  • Cheesecloth  to strain the finished product (you can also find this on Amazon, look around for different lengths).
  • Any e-cigarette with a cartomizer (such as the Evo-D). I’m currently a big fan of the V2 Pro Series 3 (take a look at my review here!) with its magnetic connections and solid vapor production.


Once you have all the necessary materials Next, place some PG (I used 400ml) into a pot and then place finely ground bud (14g -fairly strong) into the PG.  Set the heat to low and let it simmer for 6-8 hours, stirring occasionally. Much like edibles, the potency of the liquid depends on the ratio of bud to PG you use, and I recommend experimenting to see what ratio works best for you (and take it slow when testing!). After you’ve let the mixture simmer, let it cool and then filter out any sediment by using a nylon strainer. Place the liquid in individual dropper bottles, and then try it out by placing a few drips inside your ecig. The finished result is unflavored and produces very little actual vapor (if you want vapor clouds, add some vegetable glycerin to the mix (up to 50% for big clouds of vapor), but this won’t make the liquid any more potent.

Optional Enhancements

The PG and bud mix
The PG and bud mix

If you want, you can also flavor your mixes with various ecig flavors which can be purchased online. In my experience, larger batteries (1000mAH) such as the eGo-D tend to work best for this, as well as dual coil atomizers. Also make sure to pick up some spare atomizers, as I find that cannabis e-liquid tends clog atomizers easier than regular e-liquid does.

The upside to using an e-cigarette tincture is that its produces virtually no smell when in use, and the e-liquid is much easier to store and work with than loose leaf or concentrates are. I’ve also heard reports of people saying that using an e-liquid can increase your efficiency allowing you to save bud. Finally, always remember to be safe and store the liquid in a secure place, with a clear label saying “Not intended for human consumption” !

For a guide to the best hash vaporizer click here!

0 thoughts on “Stealth Vaping With DIY Cannabis E-Liquid

  1. Just tried this… used excellent stuff, reduced qtys by 1/2 – instead of doing it directly in a pan, I used a double boiler to protect from overheating. Never went above 200 degrees in the PG. I’ve found this to be a big waste of money. I have no buzz. :-/ Unfortunately, I’ve apparently wasted time and money. Anyone know what the heck went wrong?

    1. I do it in direct heat, and it does not take 6-8 hours. On medium heat, it should take approximately 3 minutes. Once the bud is black you are done.

        1. Sam – Please don’t call others idiots for knowing no less than you do. Low heat for an extended period of time is for extraction. Usually that’s around 110-120degF. While this recipe lacks specific temps, it’s safe to assume the author intended to maintain roughly the boiling point of water, since that’s the only temp anyone would reasonably keep their material at for 6 hours. Decarbing should hit 250degF and only takes 30 minutes.

          Dredmaster666 – Decarbing will happen automatically during vaporizing. Most ecigs vaporize at around 500degF If this were meant to be made into an edible that doesn’t later get baked, then yes, you’d be right to want to decarb it first.

    2. You can also do a it at lower heat for a longer time. Say 120 degrees for 8-12 hours. I prefer using a cold method, mixing the ingredients and letting them sit for 6-10 days, stirring occasionally.

  2. How much bud to PG mix would you use for an occasional smoker? I would want it to be medium strength sort of thing. With 400ml of PG maybe 8g?

    1. I wouldn’t. I just made some. 3 grams medicinal bud, 24 ml Pg/VG blend. Thats a 1:8 ratio of weed in grams to vg/pg in ml and it’s weak! 400ml with only 8 grams of bud is like a 1:50 ratio! If you like to vape it for the taste, then 400ml will not only taste like nothing (unless you flavor it) but won’t get you like a few hits off a glass piece would. My next batch is going to be a 1:2 ratio.

      1. All of the companies that sell the ejucie that is manufactured specifically for making concentrate infused ejucie, even say the ratio to mix the stuff is 1:1 HOWEVERE, they use PEG200/300/400 along with the PG/VG mix, the PEG300 help bind the concentrate. Making it from flower into the pg/vg mix will not come out strong enuff to make you get a buzz/medical value. The ejucie that meant to be made with something like a concentrate cause it’s multiple times more powerful of a gram to gram ratio by like 5-8x in strength

        1. so if i save all the crystals from the nice stuff in my grinder for a long time could i just stir it into the liquid and go or do you think that would fuck up my clearomizer? its fairly good its a kanger sub vod mini…

          1. You can make it from kief, but you’ll want to strain it well before adding it to your tank. (Multiple layers of cheese cloth.) If you want to try it without straining, try a disposable atomizer/tank/drip tip. They’re only a couple bucks each and if it gets gunked up at least you won’t ruin your good one.

  3. Do you know of any place that sells this. I live in Michigan and have been vaping for about 2 years. Do you know anyone who sells it??

    1. I would say that its safe to assume that your home or cooking area will be overwhelmed with the smell like any other time cooking with cannabis. Haven’t tried making vape juice but I do make budder am all sorts of stuff and t ALWAYS smells STRONG

  4. Nice discovery. But i would still prefer to use dried buds and a heat coil vaporizer. I’m not that convinced specially on those ingredients that you use. It could produce a different gas when burned. But it its safe, then maybe i would also try it.

    1. The ingredients he lists are what all eliquid is composed of, generally a pg/vg blend like 70/30 plus nicotine and flavoring…

  5. This does NOT work for a standard 510 ego type carto setup…and barely works at all for that matter.

    You must use BHO or hash oil to get the desired consistency. Otherwise u will waste herb

  6. As someone who regularly vapes nomal eliquid i would say to use more vg than pg. but this is only for rda or sub ohm tank setups. the vg produces more vapor and thicker clouds whick would mean a stronger hit. also from the process described you should be able to use pre bought e liquid and simply simmer you herb into it. however if you are using a less complicated setup. such as a ce4 tank or any eliquid based ecig that isn’t meant for sub ohm vaping or cloud chasing i would reccommend doing a 50/50 blend of pg and vg. thats what blend all quality e juice manufacturers use for general use that i have seen. if you are using strait pg you may not be getting enough vapor to get a good hit which would make it seem like the process is ineffective. like i said from a vapor production stand point the more vg the better but over 50/50 it can clog up devices not made for it. do some research on your product (i like to buy in stores so that if i have any questions the people there can answer my questions but if you bought online you can find product reviews for basically every ecig out there) and if it is compatible with higher vg blends then definatly go for it.

    1. so it is possible to sub ohm vape this without burning away the THC before reaching your lungs, correct? I’m curious because if you use a standard marijuana vaporizer and have it running too hot it won’t make hardly any vapor and burns the bud. Hopefully you can shed some light!

      1. My way of thinking is Vaporizing is a general term for non-combustion ways of smoking. It doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t burn off. It is different in every Form of smoking though, smoking concentrate will leave nothing left it burns away, when vaping flowers they dry out, go brown and if left in vaporizer after all medicines are smoked from it, it would eventually turn to dust/ash. And when vapid ejucie your heating it to burn it away as well just not under a flame. I was confused about the sub ohm part too though, I understand when smoking nicotine based eJuice in sub ohm it multiplies the strength by almost 3 or something like that. So I thought it would maybe make it stronger. But then I heard that it could render it useless, I guess we would need to get deep into the science of it all.

  7. Thanks so much for this info! I have been trying to find this out for a long time now and you really came through in the clutch for me! 🙂

    I am tired of smoking herbal e liquid lol.

  8. I hears from a good friend its not really so much about the liquid. but how you suck on it. like if its to hard sucking then no damn way its going to gonna matter how you did it in the first place, all these guys make a crazy videos for the right way to mix it for and mix it in. But its never CHANGE ANYTHING!! IF U SUCKING TO FAST THEN ITS WASTING PROBLEM.

    1. Dude. I tell people the same thing! They pull too hard and they barely get anything. But if you pull slow you get better vapor production.

    1. I did my own more simple DIY once:
      – Decarb your herb (not finely ground)
      – grabbed a half-bottle e juice lying around
      – let the decarbed herb steep in it for 1 week or more
      – used the juice on my RDA at 60watts+, 0.19 ohm coil build
      – vape on

  9. Hello there,

    I want to make a cannabis e-liquid but want it to be only as strong as if I were smoking the flower itself so if the flower was 16% thc I would want the final pg/vg solution to be about 16% thc. I am basically a lightweight and too much is not enjoyable to me. 2-3 hits of some bud at about 16-20% is plenty for me, no dabbing or concentrates of any kind for me. What is the pg/vg to bud ratio needed in order to give it approximately the same kick as the flower itself?

    Thank you,

  10. U say that the vg dosent make it any more potent i feel like it is backwards … i have a vg tincture with me now and i take it orally and it definetly gets me high. I thoyght the pg was added after
    Please let me know because i was planning to try it

  11. I mixed about 0.10ml hemp oil with a regular 50/50 30ml ejuice. It took a couple of days for both substances to mix altogether but thing is i dont feel any buzz. Is this with the ratio of my mix?

  12. I followed ur instructions and after 8 hours in the magic butter machine the liquid was still too liquidy and was not potent at all can I fix this batch?

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