Firefly Heating Chamber

Released just this year, the Firefly 2 is an elegant vaporizer which has quickly become one of my favorite portables out there (see my review!). Sleek, lightweight, and able to vape both concentrates and loose leaf with a replaceable battery, there isn’t much that the Firefly 2 can’t do! One cool feature that I recently learned about is the power tuning option which is available through the Firefly app.

The power tuning setting
The power tuning setting

Power tuning allows you to fine tune all of the heat settings on your device at once by giving you the option to increase or decrease the heat output of your Firefly 2 depending on your needs. Each percentage point in power tuning is about equal to a 3°F change in temperature, so increasing to 103% increases the maximum temperature of each heating profile by about 9°F. Keep in mind that power tuning will also increase the temperatures of the other heat profiles, so the second highest temperature of will also change and so on. Based upon my own experiences (as well as what I’ve been reading on the official Firefly forums), power tuning is proving to be quite popular with vapor aficionados as it gives you precise control over your vaporization temps as opposed to using the stock heat profiles (which can sometimes be too high or low depending on the individual). Also make sure to keep in mind that higher power tuning settings will most likely decrease battery life, whereas the lower settings should increase it.

To activate power tuning on your Firefly 2, simply open the Firefly app and navigate to the settings menu. From there, select the ‘Power Tuning’ option and you’ll be greeted with a slider which starts off at 100%. Move the slider left or right to increase or decrease the power tuning setting to achieve your desired effect. I recommend experimenting with the power tuning setting in order to find the percentage which works the best for you. Once you do, you won’t need to change it again. If you have any experience with using power tuning, be sure to leave a comment about which settings worked best for you!

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