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Portable vaporizers are a relatively new concept in cannabis vaporization, and several companies are producing various models with different features and functionality.

These portable vaporizers range greatly in price, with the Vaporgenie and MFLB on the lower end of the spectrum, and the Arizer Solo and Pax Ploom at the higher end. The more expensive portable vaporizers generally have more features (such as temperature control) as well as stronger batteries which last longer. However, the downside to portable vaporizers is that they don’t produce nearly as much vapor as their desktop counterparts.

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In contrast, desktop vaporizers such as the Extreme Q and Volcano Vaporizer produce quite a bit of vapor, and allow you to get the most out of your marijuana. I find that when I vaporize with these devices, the cannabis is more evenly vaporized in comparison to portable vapes. Desktop vaporizers also allow you to use a whip or bag system, which gives the user more control over the experience.  Although desktop vaporizers produce a greater amount of vapor, they are not nearly as portable, and generally cost more than their portable counterparts. Some models such as the Extreme Q have quite a few glass on glass joints, and therefore can be more prone to breakage if handled improperly.

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Ultimately, choosing between a portable and plug in marijuana vaporizer ultimately comes down to necessity. If you want to enjoy marijuana while you’re on the go, then I recommend purchasing a portable vaporizer. However, if you’re looking to get maximum vapor production out of your vaporizer, then I suggest investing in a plug in model. Many people (myself included) like to get the best of both worlds by purchasing a vaporizer of each type. I recommend taking a look at some of the reviews here on Vaporblog in order to find a vaporizer that best suits your needs.