OPen Vapes with different types of strains
OPen Vapes with different types of strains

Since I started using cannabis vaporizers in 2009 (my first vape was the Vaporgenie Classic!), the community has exploded in popularity, and the past few years have marked the introduction of revolutionary new portable and plugin vaporizers.

Available in retail cannabis outlets in Colorado, there’s a relatively new product called the OPen Vape. which has been generating quite a buzz (excuse the pun!) within the vapor community. The OPen is Joye 510 e-cigarette compatible, and cartridges are pre-loaded with a THC and CBD extract suspended in a liquid which can be vaporized without running into clogging issues (which some DIYers may have problems with using this type of extraction method I’ve suggested in an earlier article). Retail stores are currently offering OPen cartridges containing a range of different strains (indicas, sativas, and hybrids), and this allows you to choose what works best for you. When in use, the OPen is odorless and has a slight cannabis taste.

Good bud should be savored, like a fine wine

With hardly any smell, OPens allow you to be super discreet, and medical marijuana patients stand to benefit by having a portable and reliable way to dispense their medicine (much like an asthma inhaler). For asthmatics like my mom (who also suffers from painful migraines which many conventional drugs have not helped to treat, yet cannabis can help with).

Although the OPen and other similar products work just as well at vaporizing THC and CBD as regular loose leaf vaporizers do, I see these kinds of devices complementing loose leaf vapes rather than render them obsolete. For cannabis connoisseurs like me (and most likely some of you guys too!), loose leaf vaporization is hands down the cleanest and purest way to taste cannabis (at the right temperature it tastes like it smells!). Like a bottle of fine wine, high quality cannabis should be savored and enjoyed from time to time. Furthermore, it will still take many places years for products like the OPen to be found in retail stores, and so vaping loose leaf or concentrates will continue to remain the most convenient option for those who aren’t interesting in creating their own cannabis e-juice.

Personally, I look forward to seeing the OPen become commonplace as cannabis increasingly becomes legalized around the world, even if I don’t really plan on using it very often (although I will definitely have one on hand for times when being discreet is key!). The more vaporization options we have out there allows everyone to find the right vape setup for them. Don’t forget to check out some of my vaporizer reviews to see the pros and cons of various types of vapes and decide which works best for your needs (there’s also sub-categories for portable and plugin vapes)!

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