As the Christmas season and Black Friday 2013 rapidly approach us, many people are searching far and wide for the perfect gift for the marijuana connoisseur in their lives. This two-part article contains a few of my favorite vaporizers as well as vaporizer accessories, and is designed to accommodate a range of budgets. I also made sure to link product reviews from here on Vaporblog so that you can check out additional photos and see how each item performs prior to making a purchase. For the smoker who already owns a vaporizer, I will be releasing a second article later this week showcasing some very handy accessories that you can pick up for them instead.

Portable Vapes For The Smoker Who’s Always On The Go

Many people enjoy being able to smoke marijuana at different places without the hassle of having to pack up and reassemble a plug-in vaporizer. For these individuals portability is key, and there are a few great portable vaporizers which can enable them to vaporize cannabis virtually anywhere.

Luxury Option: DaVinci Ascent
The Ascent

Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada by DaVinci Vaporizers, the Ascent (review here) is a fairly new and highly portable vaporizer, boasting great battery life and a number of luxury features (such as auto shut-off and a digital temperature gauge. Boasting an all-glass vapor path, the Ascent creates solid amounts of vapor and can also be attached to a bong in order to cool the vapor down when you’re at home. Due to its combination of features, portability (it fits in my pocket with ease!), and digital temperature gauge, The Ascent is my go-to portable vaporizer when I’m out and about.

Entry Level Option: The Firewood Portable Vaporizer
My Firewood Portable Vape

Priced very reasonably, the Firewood Portable Vaporizer (review) is made from solid wood, has good battery life, and is highly portable (like the Ascent it can fit in a pocket). Although it lacks a temperature gauge (you hold down a button to heat up your herb), with a little practice it can produce good amounts of vapor. The draw on the Firewood is a little tight, so make sure that you clean the herb chamber well after each use or you run the risk of clogging it.

Plug-In Vaporizers For The Toker At Home

Although portable vaporizers can be great if you’re on the move, a larger plug-in vaporizer has numerous advantages if you don’t mind keeping it in one location. Plug-in vaporizers have larger herb chambers (so more than one person at a time can get solid vapor hits), can achieve higher vaporization temperatures, and never run out of batteries.

Luxury Option: The Volcano Vaporizer
The Volcano Vaporizer
The Volcano Vaporizer

Produced by the German based Storz & Bickel company, the Volcano Vaporizer (reviewed here on Vaporblog) is regarded as being one of the best bag vaporizers on the market. With a durable stainless steel construction and ceramic heating element, the Volcano produces large amounts of high quality vapor and is great to use with friends. Although the Volcano is one of the best bag vaporizers, it has the downside of not being able to use a whip attachment (which some people prefer over bags).

A Lower Priced Alternative: The Extreme Q
An Extreme Q with bong attachment

The Arizer Extreme Q (see my review) was my first plug-in vaporizer, and it does its job well. With a digital temperature gauge and highly durable (mine is still going strong after years of use!) construction, the Extreme Q gives you the option to use either bags or whips by simply changing the bowl attachment. It also comes with a handy remote which allows you to set vaporization temperature, turn the vaporizer on and off, set a timer, and to activate/deactivate the unit’s fan. For the price, the Extreme Q gives you a great bang for your buck.

Although there are a wide number of vaporizers on the market today, these are the vaporizers that I recommend to friends looking to buy their first vape. If you have any other suggestions however, feel free to let us know in the comments section! Also keep checking back to see information regarding what Black Friday vaporizer sales will be going on this year, as I’ll be posting coupons and discounts as I hear of them!

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