The DaVinci Ascent is discreet but can still give off a smell

As vaporizers continue to rise in popularity because of their benefits over smoking, portable vaporizers are seen as a way to enjoy bud virtually anywhere. With five years of portable vaping under my belt now (I fell in love with the concept of vaporization when I got a VG Classic), I’ve decided to share my best tips on how to minimize the smell of your portable.

Firstly, if you have a portable vape, never use it inside a public or private building (unless you have explicit approval from the owner or you’re in a vapor bar!) (unless your in a private residence ). Although some vapes are highly discreet, vapor still emits a smell which is noticeable to people around (it doesn’t smell like smoke at all, but you can definitely tell that it is bud). I recommend heading outside, going for a walk (always good to get some exercise in!)  and vaping then. Also make sure to remove the AVB (already vaped bud) before going back inside to prevent any odors and residual vapor from leaking out. In outside environments the smell is still noticeable for a second or two, but it dissipates rapidly. When I’m on the go I mostly use my DaVinci Ascent (review), and most people think I’m holding a cellphone and don’t think twice.

Discreetness Taken to the extreme with an MFLB
Discreetness Taken to the extreme with an MFLB

Next, always make sure to keep your vape clean and free of any residue. A buildup of isohash from a lack of cleaning can cause a vape to smell strongly on its own. I’ve written several cleaning guides for popular portables and you can find them here in the guides section.

Smaller CVaults are great for portable storage

Finally, if you’re bringing loose leaf materials with you, make sure to store them in a airtight container as potent bud can create quite a smell on its own. I recommend using the CVault (my review can be found here) as it is both airtight and highly durable (so I can throw it in my bag and go). Oil and concentrates should be stored in an oil jar.

Keeping your vape clean as well as using it outdoors can go a long ways in minimizing the smell of your portable vape, allowing you to enjoy your herbs while you’re on the go!


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