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Earlier today, I had an interesting conversation with my grandma regarding marijuana legalization.

For my entire life, my grandma has been a starch oppononent of the legalization of marijuna, believing the false propaganda that it causes brain damage and is worse for you than alcohol. However, today the topic was approched from an interesting perspective. After discussing how the taxes where we live will be increased on alcohol and tobacco, I bought up the idea of legalizing marijuana as an alternative revenue stream, mentioning how Colorado and Washington have voted for legalization, and that taxes will be collected for much needed civil projects during a time of recession.

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

I also mentioned the many benefits medical marijuana brings for patients suffering from a multitude of illnesses such as cancer. Much to my surprise, my grandma seemed very positive towards marijuana after hearing the information, feeling that it would be a good way to bring in taxes without raising other taxes (such as healthcare and education taxes). Even though she doesn’t plan on smoking marijuana any time soon, my grandma began to understand the benefits that legalization would bring to the population as a whole. Also, after hearing of the exorbitant costs of prohibition combined with the current availability of cannabis for youth, she was convinced that legalization would make it tougher for underage people to obtain marijuana while taxing responsible adults just like alcohol and tobacco.

I also explained to her how vaporizers are used to minimize the negative aspects of actually smoking cannabis, and she was quite intrigued. If someone as opposed to marijuana as my grandma can change her stance regarding the legalization of marijuana, then I am convinced that it is just a matter of time before the rest of the population realizes the shortcomings on the war on drugs and rightly chooses to end it. Allowing legitimate businesses to take control of marijuana would reduce cartel related violence, and would bring in much needed revenue to many governments across the world.


The elderly are one of the last major demographics to hold out on marijuana legalization, but if they are given the facts, they are much more likely to favor legalization, even if they don’t smoke. Its important to keep in mind that many people lived their entire lives being subject to misinformation and propaganda regarding marijuana and its use. Now is the time to learn the facts!

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