How To Make Your Own AVB Capsules
An 00 Size Gelatin Capsule
An 00 Size Gelatin Capsule

Although many people enjoy making edibles such as Cannaoil from their already vaped bud (AVB), there is another route you can take in re-using your AVB; make AVB capsules! By putting your AVB into capsules, you can easily carry them with you and take them when you want discreetly. Ingesting AVB capsules produces a very “stony” high that can last for hours, so make sure to be in a comfortable setting when trying them for the first time. In addition, capping your AVB makes it much easier to ingest than trying to swallow straight AVB!

What you’ll need for this project are the following items:

  • 00 Sized capsules (8-20 per batch)
  • Capping machine (available at most pharmacies)
  • Some AVB which isn’t too dark brown
  • A coffee grinder
An 00 Capper For Home Use
An 00 Capper For Home Use

Firstly, take a desired amount of AVB and grind it up finely in your coffee grinder. The finer the grind the better, since it will produce a greater surface area and produce a stronger effect. Once you’ve grinded the AVB to a sufficient level, use your capper and fill anywhere between 8-20 capsules depending on the strength of your AVB. As a rule of thumb, the darker your AVB is, the more capsules you want to make. I find the capsules are most effective when the AVB is only slightly browned.

The Finished Product

Once you’ve successfully capped your desired amount of AVB, take the pills and ingest them one or two at a time while washing them down with some milk. The milk will add some fat in your stomach, which will help to increase the potency of the AVB. Expect to begin feeling the effects after an hour or two, and you should expect a stony, couchlock style high similar to edibles. Be sure to experiment with how many capsules work for you, as the potency of AVB varies greatly. With my AVB, it took about 12 pills to give me a fairly strong effect that left me feeling relaxed.

Have you had success with this method of ingesting AVB? If so, let us know in the comments!

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  1. I did similar but i just took some vitamin C pills that were in the gel caps, broke them open, filled em up with AVB, and added in a few drops of coconut oil to saturate the bud and then put it all back together. Took 3 and an hour later I was riding a steady 4.

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