I recently came across this cool easter egg for enabling a “party mode” on a Pax Ploom portable vaporizer. When you shake your Pax in a circular motion, the LED will begin to flash a rainbow of colors. To disable party mode, simply turn off the vaporizer. The following video demonstrates what party mode looks like when enabled:

Personally, I think this is a pretty neat touch on an already cool vaporizer! If you’re wanting to learn about how to enable all the Pax 2’s hidden features, check out my guide here! And for a guide to great hash vaporizers click here.

0 thoughts on “How-To: Enable Pax Ploom Party Mode

  1. What’s even cooler, is that I found when your in party mode, if you continue to roll it the same way you did to activate party mode, there are various user-led light interactions. One in which te color will sit still until you flick it forward like a wand, and another in which the light will sit still on green and changes colors only when the device itself is in motion. Pretty awesome! Blew my mind

  2. Also if you further continue spinning it you can play Simon says. It’ll flash a few colors then stay white, tilt the vaporizer slightly forward, back, left, or right to see which colors they represent

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