I ran across this awesome album on Imgur earlier today which showcases someone rocking an interesting vape setup which I felt the need to share with readers here on VaporBlog!

dualvape setup

As you can see in the above photo, there’s a Herbalizer running through a Cloud Evo which is then connected to a bong. The Cloud Evo has an all glass vapor path, and with a custom GoG connector it looks like you can add an additional vapor source (the Herbalizer in this case) and pass it through the Evo. I imagine that both units have loose leaf inserted and are running at a normal temperature. The Herbalizer has a fan and by turning it on you can take draws much easier, and I imagine the same effect could be replicated with other whip vapes with fans (such as an Extreme Q).  Although I don’t think that this is a very practical setup for day to day use, I am curious about what the taste and vapor production is like as well as how vaping two separate strains at different temperatures would go over. This idea has me intrigued, and I’m going to see if I can try and experiment with something like this in the near future. One immediate improvement I can see being made is using silicone tubing rather than PVC (see why in my post here)!

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