After publishing my post on vaporizer gift ideas for Christmas 2013, I’ve written a follow-up which outlines some of the top vaporizer accessories on the market today. If you’re gift recipient already has a vaporizer, these accessories will make for an excellent addition to their vaping arsenal while putting a smile on their face at Christmas!

Store Herbs Discreetly While Keeping Them Fresh With The CVault

The CVault comes in a wide range of sizes

Because the cannabis I have access to is quite potent and fresh when I purchase it, it tends to smell quite a lot in a non-sealed container (like a ziploc bag). Fortunately, the CVault line of stash cashes (that I reviewed earlier this year) are a smell-proof and durable alternative to using mason jars. The CVault comes in a range of sizes, allowing you to use a smaller one while on the go, and a larger one at home. Made of durable stainless steel, the CVault can be cleaned easily, and also has a humidipak in order to keep your bud fresh at all times.

Maximize Vaporizer Efficiency With A Quality Grinder

Vaporizers work best when they are filled with finely ground cannabis, so it comes as no surprise that a quality grinder can be an excellent way to maximize vaporizer efficiency without much effort. My personal favorite grinder is the Space Case 4 piece grinder (review here). Made out of anodized aluminum, the Space Case is durable and can be easily cleaned out. Furthermore, the case’s kief catcher enables you to collect pollen from your herbs with ease.

Surprise A Special Someone With A Vaporizer Carrying Case!

An Extreme Q attached to a waterpipe

Sometimes people need to transport their plug-in vaporizers to cottages, friends houses, or other places, and packing up all the components can be a hassle. A quality vaporizer case solves this problem, and also gives people peace of mind that their vaporizer is held securely in place without risk of damage.

Make Vapor Smoother With A Waterpipe Adapter

A vaporizer waterpipe adapter can be a great and affordable gift for smokers who have a plug-in vaporizer. Attaching a bong to a vaporizer allows you to get incredibly smooth vapor hits while getting to enjoy the fun of hitting a bong at the same time! Check out my article for more detailed instructions on how the process works, as well as for some adapter suggestions depending on the size of your waterpipe.

Upgrade To Silicone Whip Tubing

Silicone Vaporizer Tubing
Silicone Vaporizer Tubing

Although included by default with some types of vaporizers, others (such as the Extreme Q) ship with stock PVC tubing. Silicone tubing has a number of advantages over PVC, including better resistance to higher temperatures and the ability to clean it out using high-proof alcohol. It is also quite cheap, so if you’re on a tight budget it can make for a nice stocking stuffer. You can read my full post here about why you should make the switch to silicone, as well as some tubing sizes for certain vaporizers.

With Black Friday rapidly approaching us, be sure to keep checking back for a list of Black Friday vaporizer deals!


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