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Now that Black Friday is nearly upon us and the holiday season is officially about to kick off, its time to start thinking about gift ideas for your friends and loved ones.

Fortunately, if the recipient of your gift enjoys smoking marijuana from time to time, then there are several things which would make for a great gift.

Gift Ideas

The first item on many people’s minds gift-wise are herbal vaporizers. Not only are vaporizers a much healthier alternative to smoking, they are also efficient and conserve a lot of cannabis, which many people appreciate quite a bit! A number of vaporizers exist (both portable and electric), so head on over to our vaporizer reviews section to see which one fits your pricerange and desired features. In my experience, portable vaporizers are great for those who are constantly on the go, but electric vaporizers produce more vapor and often have fans to help push the vapor.

Secondly, if a vaporizer is something your friend or family member already has, then it may be wise to look at some accessories for them. Connecting a bong to your whip vaporizer with an attachment is a great way to get smoother hits, and replacing silicone tubing with PVC is another great way to improve the quality of someone’s vaporizer.

Stash cases and grinders are also another good gift area to look into. Vaporizers work best when cannabis is finely ground, and I’m sure that special someone will definitely enjoy receiving a 4 piece grinder with pollen catcher! Stash cases can help minimize the smell of your bud, while at the same time can maintain a good moisture level to ensure your bud doesn’t get moldy.


Finally, if your weed smoking friend enjoys taking their vaporizer to different places, I suggest taking a look at something like an Extreme Q Kush Case. Not only does a proper case make carrying easy, it also protects your vaporizer and accessories from damage.



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