An Extreme Q with bong attachment

One of the most important things to consider after purchasing a vaporizer is accessories, many of which can greatly enhance your vaporization experience. Since I first purchased a VaporGenie over three years ago, I have collected several types of vaporizers and have experimented with various accessories available on the market today and have gathered a list of what I consider to be fairly essential.

As a general rule I’ve tended to stay away from third party mouthpieces (especially for the Arizer Solo) as many manufacturers (Arizer included) claim that these mouthpieces tend to be inferior to the first party option.

Bong Attachment

If you have a whip vaporizer such as the Extreme Q, I strongly suggest picking up a converter in order to allow you to attach your bong to a vaporizer (full guide here). Not only does a bong cool the air and produce smoother vapor, its also a ton of fun to use when friends are over. Make sure that you select an adapter that is the right size for your bong. There is also the Swagger SideTree which can be sued with the VapeXhale Cloud Evo.


A 4-piece grinder
A 4-piece grinder

Vaporizers work best with finely ground herb, and herb grinders are one of the best ways to obtain the perfect cannabis consistency. I recommend a durable Grinder such as the Spacecase 4-piece. Made out of anodized aluminum, the Spacecase grinds herb finely and has a handy pollen collector. Also keep in mind that grinders come in various sizes, so be sure to get one that is able to handle how much herb you like to grind at once

Silicone Tubing

If you have a whip vape that shipped with PVC tubing, I highly recommend upgrading to silicon tubing as it has numerous advantages over PVC (see here for my article on the subject) and is quite cheap to purchase. Aside from being much more flexible than PVC, silicon tubing is also a lot easier to clean, and you can even collect hash from a silicone whip using an isowash.

Carrying Case

Although I feel that that accessory is more optional than the other three, a carrying case can provide a good amount of insurance and peace of mind for a vape owner who transports their vaporizer frequently. I have an Extreme Q Kush Case and its soft interior protects my vaporizer while at the same time making it easy to discreetly transport from my house to friends. Using a case gives me piece of mind knowing that if I’m transporting a high end vape (such as the Volcano) I don’t have to worry about glass breaking and the like.

Stash Case

All natural relief

Another item I consider to be relatively optional is a stash case such as the CVault. For at home use I find a mason jar to be quite good at storing my bud, but they have the downside of being fragile. With its sturdy (and airtight) design, the CVault is ideal for travelling and not worrying about your stash jar shattering. The CVault also maintains a stable humidity level (much like a cigar humidor) and will ensure that your bud always stays fresh.

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High Quality Herb

Like smoking, vaporizers produce the best results when combined with high quality herb. Using lower grade cannabis can result in reduced potency, less vapor, and other unpleasant side effects. Whenever you can, try to splurge on a high quality strain and you’ll thank yourself in the process!

In my experience, these items have greatly improved my vaporization experience, and these days I pretty much vaporize exclusively, regarding it as a better alternative to smoking cannabis. Also don’t forget to check out the guides section of the blog as it contains many handy tips on how to get the most out of your vaporizer!

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  1. You forgot one,my personal fav herb chamber attachment it cools down the vapor just like water can (you can even place chamber in freezer few hours before use for extra kool effect)

    Grind your herb before placing in chamber (you wont be able to after lol)
    vape thur till flow is restricted, remove and use in a portable unit.

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