A Completed MFLB Clone
A Completed MFLB Clone

One of the things I love about marijuana vaporizers is that the field is constantly evolving, and it is quite simple to build a vape yourself. If you’re someone who enjoys hobbyist projects, then a wide number of options exist for you to build your own herbal vaporizer, and this MFLB clone seems like a great started project. I came accross this MFLB clone on Reddit, and it looks simple enough to make providing you have a basic understanding of electrical circuits (and maybe some skill in woodworking!). This build uses two lithium rather than one (like the original MFLB). The use of two batteries increase the wattage which extends the life of your batteries.

In order to make your own MFLB, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Solid block of wood for the base, preferrably with the dimensionsĀ 2.5″x1.25″x0.9″ which is the size of a real MFLB)
  • Copper wire to connect the batteries and the trench
  • Steel mesh for the trench
  • A glass or plastic tube for the mouthpiece (I recommend glass since its easier to clean)
  • A battery case
  • Plexiglass for the top cover
  • A screw to secure the covero
  • Food grade lacquer for the finish (this is optional but can help enhance the appearance of your Vape, especially if you’re using a nice wood such as oak or mahogany)
  • Two rechargable lithium ion batteries
The herb trench
The herb trench

You’ll also need a pair of wire cutters as well as a drill with a wide bit (1″-2″) to carve the out the mouthpiece entrance and the bowl. Creating your own MFLB gives the ability to select a trench size that best suits your needs.

Here’s the schematic which outlines how the vaporizer should be assembled:

MFLB Clone Schematic
MFLB Clone Schematic


If you’ve tried this project, feel free to share your results in the comments section here on VaporBlog! I’m curious to see what people come up with. Also, I do not advise selling any homemade MFLBs that you may make, as you’ll most likely run into problems with Magic-Flight.



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  1. there is a new vaporizer called the dragonlite, its a knock off of the Magic Flight Launch Box or basically this same concept you made. I bought the dragonlite from their home website dragonlitevaporizers.com, its the basically the same thing as the magic.hits hard and was cheap 30 dollarz. It got me and a group of friends pretty blazed.thought id pass it on since i didnt see it on the blog. But this is super cool write up peace

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