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The Davinci MIQRO is a portable dry herb vaporizer developed by Davinci, a company renowned for its high-quality, versatile vaporizer range.

Davinci MIQRO - VaporBlog
Davinci MIQRO – VaporBlog

The Davinci MIQRO is a stylish and compact device that has been specially designed for portability. With its sleek, modern appearance, the MIQRO looks great but also delivers a truly satisfying vape. The MIQRO is available in five different color options: Onyx, graphite, cobalt, rust, and amethyst. 

Size & Portability

As a dry herb vaporizer, the Davinci MIQRO is one of the smallest devices on the market. It will ideally suit anyone who requires a compact but discreet vaporizer that is easy to carry and hold in the hand. This is one of the key advantages of the MIQRO in comparison to large devices. While larger vaporizers hold more charge with a bigger battery, the MIQRO is not designed for this. Rather, the device is the ideal dry herb vaporizer for traveling or when on the move. It is this portability that sets it apart from other vaporizers on the market. 

Build & Design

Another reason to buy the Davinci MIQRO is the vaporizer’s visual appearance. The device’s aluminum casing is visually appealing and smooth to the touch, offering a stylish look and feel in different color schemes. The construction is high-quality and robust, offering a durable vaporizer that can withstand everyday knocks. Despite its durability, the device is only 100 grams in weight, which is compact enough to fit in your pocket and easy to handle. 

High-Quality Clouds

Vaping Clouds - VaporBlog
Vaping Clouds – VaporBlog

A major advantage of the Davinci MIQRO is the quality of vape in comparison to the size of the device. When compared to the larger Davinci IQ, the MIQRO is 33% smaller. However, this does not impact on the taste of vape. This is because the MIQRO benefits from a ceramic zirconia oven, offering fantastic flavor. The size of the ceramic oven can also be modified by use of an adjustable pearl mechanism. 

Easy to Use Functionality

One of the most appealing aspects of the MIQRO vape is the easy-to-use control features. There are three buttons on the device: a power button, and two controls to raise or lower the temperature. The MIQRO uses a dotted LED light fixture to display the temperature level and signify additional functionality. This not only looks great but is also highly practical. Full instructions are provided, although, after only a short period of use, the instruction booklet will likely not be required thanks to the ease of use of the device. 

Heat Settings

Regulation of temperature is also precise on the Davinci MIQRO. The user-friendly controls allow for easy temperature changes between 300 F and 430 F. The MIQRO also has the advantage of a “boost” mode. This function supercharges the temperature at the press of a button. Simply hold down the feature/power button to instantly boost the temperature. 

Small But Impressive

There are a number of other features on the Davinci MIQRO that make it a recommended purchase for anyone needing a high-quality, portable dry herb vaporizer. The “smart modes” available on the device enable the user to easily configure a pre-set temperature. This is effective for speed and consistent temperature regulation. If necessary, the temperature can then be fine-tuned using the aforementioned “boost” mode. There is also a “standby” mode available. Some Davinci MIQRO devices are available with a carrying case, a dry herb storage container, and a grinder.  

Peace of Mind

As with all Davinci vaporizers, the Davinci MIQRO comes with a 10-year warranty as standard, covering the device from any unlikely manufacturing faults.



The Davinci MIQRO by Davinci is yet another great addition to this years newly released portable vaporizers. This year has been great for the portable vape market, with more and more fantastic, high-quality vapes entering the space at the below 200 price point.

The MIQRO might be the smallest battery powered portable vaporizer to hit the market so far, however what it lacks in battery life it makes up with features.

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The MIQRO is certainly not the vaporizer for those seeking to use it everyday. It just doesn’t make sense as there are better options in regards better battery life. However, the MIQRO is perfect for those seeking to use it discreetly and on-the-go, for example, on a night out or when going to a friends house.

If battery life is not your biggest concern, then look no further than the Davinci MIQRO. It’s super portable, produces fantastic vapor and will leave you feeling like a famous artist by the same name with its fantastic cloud production.

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