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Many people have asked me how efficient vaporizers are, and although I always tell them they are much more efficient than bongs or joints, it can be hard to visualize exactly how much savings you can expect when using a vaporizer.

The two photos below demonstrate the comparison between one full Extreme Q bowl vs how much herb I would use to put in a joint. Upon a brief inspection, it is clear to see that there is quite a large difference in savings.

Already Vaped Bud Demonstration

For purposes of the photo, I used already vaped bud (AVB) to demonstrate, but the same principle would apply to fresh herb.

Herb Comparison - VaporBlog


As you can see, the Extreme Q uses markedly less herb, and will get you much higher than a joint that uses even more cannabis. Other types of vaporizers (such as the MFLB and Pax) use even less herb, but don’t supply as many puffs as the Extreme does. The Extreme Q also gives you a lot more puffs per bowl than a joint or bong does as well.

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