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Evaluating Your Cannabis Quality

It doesn’t matter where you are nowadays; the chances are likely that someone will be speaking about cannabis. Not that long ago, cannabis was a whisper associated with stoners and the rebel teenager – no person would dare talk about it in the open.

However, times are changing and public access is no longer a dream. In today’s society, the world of cannabis is a different place where people talk about cannabis in a very different manner.  Nowadays, people speak about the properties of high-quality marijuana and how to ‘cannabis out’ the good from the bad.

With legal cannabis being a trend, no person wants to settle for low-class cannabis; but, how can you tell a bad product from a good product?  Perhaps you have been smoking bad cannabis for several years and do not know the difference. Perhaps the last puff you packed into your bong tasted funny, and now you have some questions.

This article will provide information on how to evaluate good cannabis and bad cannabis.

What Are The Basic Characteristics Of Bad Cannabis And Good Cannabis?

  • The Cleanliness – Firstly, all high-quality and good cannabis will be clean without any pesticide residue, bug infestations or mould.
  • The Taste – The taste of good cannabis must be delicious with high levels of terpenes.
  • The Feels – Good cannabis is perfectly cured, meaning it is dry (but not too dry) and sticky (but not too sticky).
  • The Appearance – High-quality cannabis has an appearance with dark purples, bright greens and vivid reds to form an attractive nug.  No white mould, black mould or off-putting colours should be present.
  • The High – High-quality cannabis offers a potent, pleasant and appealing high.  If you have done your research correctly, then you should not have any surprises.

The five basic concepts mentioned above are a simple approach to assessing whether cannabis is good, but below is a deeper examination of each of the qualities listed.  By the time you finish reading this guide, you will be an expert in the field of finding good cannabis and bad cannabis.

  1.  The Cleanliness

Do you know where your cannabis comes from?  Not all cannabis suppliers are as reputable as one would hope, particularly in today’s economic climate.  The overall cleanliness of a product can help identify where it falls on the bad cannabis versus good cannabis spectrum.  When referring to cannabis cleanliness, we are considering if the cannabis contains any harmful pesticides, moulds or toxic chemical solvents from the production process.

We will discuss mould further along in the article, but be sure to scan the nug for any signs of mildew.  You should also refer with the dispensary for laboratory test results on the state of the cannabis. In the majority of legalised regions, cannabis must undergo rigorous tests and strict production protocols before it is approved for sale.  Unfortunately, this does not always prevent contaminated products from being released on the market. Always ensure that your purchase is up to date with clean toxicology reports before making a financial commitment.

  1.  The Taste

Needless to say, good cannabis will always be ‘tastier’ than bad cannabis when tested.  Bad cannabis can result in taste-testers spluttering and coughing after inhalation. Moreover, bad cannabis tastes stale with an overall burnt after-taste.  The burnt taste is a result of burnt material overwhelming any potential underlying terpenes in the plant. No citrus, sour diesel or blueberry flavours are tasted with bad cannabis – merely a large coughing fit with a long-lasting bad taste in the mouth.

On the other hand, good cannabis presents with an overall tasty flavour.  Regardless of how you smoke it, good cannabis will always have several layers of flavour running across the pallet.  In high-quality cannabis, all of the terpenes work in conjunction to set strains apartment; however, no bad cannabis will taste terrible across the board.

  1.  The Feels

When touching a cannabis bud, think about what it feels like.  Is it a crunchy texture or a soft texture? Does the bud turn to powder when held or does it stick to your fingers?  The consistency and texture of the bud can tell you a great deal about the quality and the curing process. If it was not cured for the correct amount of time, the product will be susceptible to mould.  If, however, it was cured for too long and can turn to powder when handled, then it will smoke somewhat harshly.

On the contrary, high-quality buds provide some spring when pressed.  This product should present with crystal residue coating the leaves making it sticky to handle.  Of course, the different cannabis strains have various bud densities, so if you are concerned about whether or not your bud is too dense or loose, don’t worry about it.

  1.  The Appearance

Take a closer look at the cannabis bud in your hand.  What does it look like when you look at it more closely?  Old and dried buds will often lose any vibrant colours associated with high-quality cannabis.  Typically these older products are darker, yellow, and tend to shrivel into an unpleasant product.  However, high-quality products appear as part of the rainbow with hints of orange, red, greens and purple.  The types of colours and their combination will depend on the cannabis strain.

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Bad cannabis can indicate signs of spider mites and mould.  If there are areas where black or while mould is showing, then you may have a problem.  White mould looks similar to icing sugar with a powdery-type appearance, and black mould can be worse.  If you view any signs of black mould, in particular, on the bud, then you should immediately throw it away.  This will protect your lungs from any potential infection and health issues.

  1.  The High

Now for the most interesting part!  While the high is the most subjective item on the list, it is important to pay attention to your high when sampling the nug.  Consider how you feel and whether the high is what you expected. Perhaps you expected feelings of productivity and happiness, but are ill and face-down on the couch.  Be sure to review the strain characteristics from a reliable source when sampling cannabis. Maybe the supplier or the dispensary has misrepresented the cannabis strain, or perhaps the content is not high-quality and was poorly grown.

All cannabis strains provide different highs, but you want each high to be pleasant.  Good cannabis, regarding the high, is unique for all people; however, you do not want unexpected sensations.  To avoid any problems, always research the strain before making a purchase, and report back to the seller if there are any problems.

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